#IWonderWhy this mass migration on foot is being permitted?Any competent govt can stop it in 2-4 hours. But Govts of @BJP4indla, @INCIndia & ors continue to permit it. Do they not realize the misery & danger of families with kids walking 1000s of KMs or do they just dnt care?
No one is gaining by making these ppl go on this desperate march on highways & railway tracks. Only result is that incompetence & incapacity of our administration is being proved beyond any doubt. So why don’t they stop it. @yamunajiye @BhavreenMK @ritikadube @NSOOD6 @SeemaM4
#iWonderWhy these images don’t shake the conscience of @BJP4India @INCIndia, other political parties and most importantly the civil society and compel them to protect these poor migrant workers and their families. @priyankagandhi @nitin_gadkari @ShashiTharoor
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