Nothing shows the stupidity of seemingly smart and educated people more than a belief that Cuomo has done a good job during the corona crisis
Cuomo: “25,000 of you are dead. If New York were a country, it would have one of the world’s highest death rates. Everyone is financially broken. So I’m gonna cut Medicaid. No I won’t cancel rent”

Seemingly intelligent New Yorkers: “yaaaas king”
Smart people “how could Cuomo have known Corona would be bad in New York??? That would have involved looking at a non American newspaper and obviously you can’t extrapolate what would happen to Americans from that cause Americans are all made of pixie dust and cheese”
A human: “The entire New York economy is shot, and people who two months ago were doing okay are now lining up for free food”

Cuomo: “So you want me to fuck over the Working Families Party as a way of continuing my feud with Cynthia Nixon”

Smart people: “Slaaaaay”
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