The fact that Kim's "activism" around prison reform, which is actually her as a mega-rich white women cherry-picking the "good" Black people she believes deserve freedom on any given day, is not seen as representative of the depravity of white supremacy is a travesty.
The dialectics of the master-slave relationship that undergirds this interaction is deeply sinister. When you combine this with the fact that some of the BW she's bankrolled then go on to promote her products, we can truly see how her work thrives on Black people being commodity
A mega-rich white woman whose wealth is sustained by anti-blackness, who then has the power to choose who remains enslaved and who can be free. The conditions of those who are “freed” then depends on sustaining her empire, which is fuelled by anti-blackness. Rinse, repeat.
People asking “what would you have her do?!?” as if abolitionists have not been organising/writing about the dimensions of prison abolition for decades. As if wealth redistribution isn’t an option. As if Kim indivualising the issue of the PIC for her brand = systemic change.
If you think that one (1) individual white woman having the power to decide which Black people meet the criteria for “freedom” under a system that is rooted in slavery and then erasing the life-work of Black activists isn’t an issue, then we’re having very different conversations
There has been no significant move to shift power on a systemic level. What has become more possible though, is for people to leverage Kim’s flirtation with prison reform and use it to reduce BW - whose aesthetics, thought & activism sustain her brand - to “twitter activists”.
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