Watch #Turkey very closely. Never seen a nation giving the most sensitive parts of its capital to a foreign nation to 'manage': airport, seaport, old port as embassy, military base, top public hospital, and conveniently housing the upper house!!! They are in charge of #Mogadishu!
Nobody 'helps' for free. The Turks cleverly used the cover of 'Muslim brotherhood' to enter Somalia. Yes, they have taken a massive risk for their entry and showed up when the world wrote us off, at a time of extreme suffering and famine. Gratitude without handing over country!!
Turks are smartest operators in Somalia, having solidified their image with well orchestrated and theatrical visits by Erdogan and his wife! What many Somalis don't know is that each time he came, his plane was full of business tycoons looking for opportunities in neglected land.
Now that they have gotten a free card to operate as they like in #Somalia, they are no longer charitable. Instead of coming to the rescue, as they did in 2011's famine, they have closed the biggest hospital in the capital and evacuated all their staff...Middle of #COVID19 havoc!!
More seriously than closing down biggest hospital in the capital is that Turkey trains most of our soldiers, teaching them Turkish language, culture and ensuring they have loyalty in the army. They are involved in the proxy war between them/Qatar Vs UAE and Saudi inside Somalia!!
For those who are celebrating Turkey sending PPE and other medical stuff to Somalia for #COVID19...Read this. If they can send substandard PPE to the UK, imagine the quality of stuff they will send to Somalia, with blind trust and no quality control?!!
Nimankii ku maahmaahi jirey: "Dumar been baa lagu soo xerogeliyaa, runna waa lagu dhaqaa."

Nimanka Carabta iyo Turkidaba hada saas ee nimankeena kula dhaqmaan, siyaasad ahaan. Waa been ku soo xerogeli, runna ku dhaq...Tookadooda!!
This thread brought out the willing slaves in large numbers!!! Wadan ma burburin ee dad iyo maskax baa burbursan, weliba maskaxdii 'dhalinyaro' aan ka fileyney iney wadankan xoreeyaan baaba gumeysi si toos ah isugu dhiibaaya oo weliba halkaan difaac ula soo taagan!! Sad.
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