Thread: Globalist Organizations (Part 2)

1) “A slavemaster or feudal lord transplanted from antiquity into today’s world would find it hard to believe, even astonishing, that we beat workers less—and they produce more.”
~ Alvin Toffler

Let’s learn about today’s slavemasters.
2) In this video, titled “Who Controls Money Controls the World,” the host Foster Gamble explains how most people are debt slaves to the international bankers controlling the world’s money supply.
3) Gamble says, “We live in a tapeworm economy, where the financial elite are the tapeworm, and they’re feeding on us. And they don’t like it when people blow their cover.”
4) In the years leading up to the 2008 financial collapse, Wall Street’s biggest banks bundled and traded bad loans that they knew would eventually fail. They were ultimately bailed out with taxpayer dollars, thanks to the fact that the banks own Capitol Hill.
5) The gatekeeper shill David Icke is also interviewed, although he does manage to adequately summarize how the Federal Reserve rigs the so-called “business cycles.”
6) Over the past few centuries, the real wealth of the world has been stolen and accumulated in the hands of a few. The full video is available here:
7) Historically, the wealthy elites have primarily used violence to control populations. However, during the Industrial Revolution, they made a shift from this low-quality version of control (violence) to a high-quality one (the money system).
8) Once factories emerged and people no longer grew or gathered their own food, they became dependent on money for survival. Prior to this, money couldn’t be used as the main method of social control, since most people weren’t part of the money system.
9) The money system was able to transform all power relationships. Violence was no longer required as the primary tool for controlling society.
10) Nonetheless, futurist Alvin Toffler frankly stated: “The use of violence as a source of power will not soon disappear. Students and protesters will still be shot in plazas around the world.”
11) Controlling a nation requires control over its economy with a central bank, which is a privately-owned corporation. A country can be controlled using its credit system, since most people are dependent on it.
12) Eerily enough, Karl Marx detailed a centralized credit system in the “Communist Manifesto.” He supported the idea of a centralized, state-controlled credit system.
13) Even Vladimir Lenin once proclaimed that the creation of a central bank was 90% of communizing a country. According to Lenin’s definition, this would indicate that the USA – and most of the world – is already 90% communized.
14) A country whose economy is controlled by a private central bank is known as a “debt vassal state.”
15) According to former Georgetown professor Carroll Quigley, the goal of a worldwide central banking scheme was to first control all the governments of the world, and then merge them into a one-world government controlled in a feudalistic manner.
16) International bankers are different from regular bankers in several ways. They are cosmopolitan, they collude with governments, and they are committed to secrecy and using money to secretly influence politics.
17) Professor Quigley described international bankers as highly educated, cultured, and civilized people. This lends them more credibility in the eyes of the general public and makes their evil nature harder to detect.
18) A single international banker alone is capable of destroying a country’s economy by manipulating its stock market.
19) American presidents such as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln were opposed to the international bankers. Nevertheless, a central bank was eventually created in America.
20) Paul Warburg, a German banking associate of the Rothschilds, was a key figure who contributed to the creation of the Federal Reserve.
21) In 1910, Warburg was part of a secret gathering that drafted the Federal Reserve Act. The gathering took place on Jekyll Island, a secluded island off the coast of Georgia. The Federal Reserve Act became law in December of 1913.
22) Upon passage of the Federal Reserve Act, Congressman Charles Lindbergh told the public in a congressional record that an “invisible government” had been established. He stated that a group of wealthy elites, which he called the “money power,” had overthrown the government.
23) By the 1920s, the Anglo-American Establishment had also established control over most countries in continental Europe through the creation of central banks. This was implemented under the guise of creating stable credit systems.
24) In 1932, Congressman Louis McFadden warned of an imminent global state, created and controlled by international bankers and industrialists to “enslave the world for their own pleasure.”
25) Former Congressman Ron Paul has this to say about the Fed: “The Federal Reserve should be abolished because it is immoral, unconstitutional, and impractical, promotes bad economics, [and] undermines liberty. Its destructive nature makes it a tool of a tyrannical government.”
26) International bankers are at the forefront of the elites’ push for a one-world government. International banking is the driving force behind the NWO.
27) Let’s not forget about the central bank that rules them all – the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), based in Basel, Switzerland. It is the world’s oldest international financial institution.
28) The BIS is comprised of 62 member central banks from around the world, including the Federal Reserve, which altogether account for 95% of world GDP. Below are the member states of the BIS.
29) Tax-exempt foundations have also played a key role for the NWO. The Commission on Industrial Relations, a congressional investigation, was setup in August of 1912 to examine major tax-exempt foundations.
30) Initially, this commission was created to study labor conditions and how major US industrial firms treated their workers. It extended its investigations to include the charitable organizations that these firms were interlocked with, namely those of Carnegie and Rockefeller.
31) The commission was seriously concerned by what they discovered. On January 23, 1915, future Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis testified that there was an “emerging danger” that the existing governmental structure would be unable to control.
32) Brandeis described this threat as a “state within the state” that was able to “summon forces from all parts of the country” to carry out its orders at any time.
33) The commission learned that the elites were using these foundations for unlimited purposes, as opposed to the charitable reasons they projected on the surface. Their combination of enormous financial resources and private management made them a grave menace to the republic.
34) The commission concluded that these private financial entities should be dismantled. However, no actions were taken to eliminate them. It seems to be a recurring theme that congressional investigations usually lead to nowhere.
35) In the early 1950s, another attempt to investigate tax-exempt foundations was created through the Cox Committee, led by Congressman Edward E. Cox.
36) On August 1, 1951, Congressman Cox introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to create the Cox Committee. Its purpose was to conduct a rigorous investigation into tax-exempt foundations. The resolution was passed, and the investigation began in 1952.
37) Congressman Cox observed evidence that led him to conclude some of these institutions were being used for subversive purposes. He said, “They should be investigated and exposed to the pitiless light of publicity.” Unfortunately, he died before the investigation could finish.
38) The Cox Committee’s final report, released in January 1953, concluded that these foundations were subversive and using their resources to destroy the republic in favor of communism.
39) Unfortunately, just like the prior investigation, no actions were taken to dismantle these foundations or make them publicly accountable.
40) Another attempt to investigate tax-exempt foundations occurred between 1953 and 1955. Congressman B. Carroll Reece of Tennessee intended to continue the investigation that Congressman Cox started, and the Reece Committee was approved in July of 1953.
41) Foundations that were investigated included: the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Ford Foundation, RAND Corporation, American Council of Learned Societies, National Research Council, and American Council on Education.
42) Additional organizations that the committee wanted to look into were the National Education Association, League for Industrial Democracy, Progressive Education Association, American Historical Association, John Dewey Society, Anti-Defamation League, and the CFR.
43) According to Mark M. Rich, author of “New World War,” these were the discoveries made by the committee. 
44) Norman Dodd was the research director of the Reece Committee. He was able to see the minutes for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; its Board of Trustees discussed whether there was another method besides war to incur rapid change in a nation’s policies.
45) The Carnegie board also discussed how to get the US involved in a major war. Dodd also looked back at the correspondence the board had with President Wilson over 30 years earlier, where Wilson was told to extend World War I and not let it end too quickly.
46) While observing the minutes, Dodd also noticed that members of the Carnegie Foundation were congratulating themselves for getting America involved in World War I.
47) Dodd also determined that the Ford Foundation was using its resources to alter life in the US in such a way that it could be merged into Communist Russia.
48) Sadly, due to the fact that the foundations and think tanks already controlled the mainstream media and entire portions of the federal government, the committee was unable to conduct a thorough investigation.
49) Nevertheless, they did try to warn the public about the existence of a concentration of power that possessed unlimited financial resources and was capable of “invisible coercion” – in other words, a shadow government.
50) The committee admitted that conveying what they discovered through any media outlet would be extremely difficult without the information being slanted, discredited, or ridiculed. It was nearly impossible to criticize these wealthy interests through mainstream media channels.
51) Dodd claimed that the investigation was discontinued due to witnesses being harassed, placed under surveillance, stalked, blackmailed, framed, and given death threats. Even Dodd himself was surveilled and stalked, and his reputation was destroyed.
52) In part 1, I covered several major think tanks that are involved with the NWO. One of these is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
53) Another key globalist think tank is the Trilateral Commission.
54) The Bilderberg Group is also playing a big role in the globalist revolution.
55) Let’s take a look at another think tank called the Club of Rome, a powerful collection of wealthy elites that claim to serve humanity but are in fact serving the NWO.
56) The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 by David Rockefeller and the members of the original Morgenthau Group. They launched the organization at Rockefeller’s private estate in Bellagio, Italy.
57) The group was initially made up of 75 prominent scientists, industrialists, and economists, many drawn from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries.
58) The Club of Rome was established to speed up globalization and implement the NWO by the year 2000. The group’s masterplan involved dividing the world into ten regions, or economic trading blocks, as shown below. 
59) Of course, this isn’t evident from the group’s website, where it claims to be addressing “multiple crises facing humanity and the planet.” The recurring pattern with such organizations involves hiding their evil intentions behind a humanitarian agenda. 
60) The Club of Rome’s first report was called “Limits to Growth.” It was published in 1972 by a research team at MIT.
61) The MIT research team made this stunning claim: “The overwhelming growth in world population…is a recent phenomenon…Either the birth rate must be brought down to equal the new, lower death rate, or the death rate must rise again.”
62) In 1976, the United States Association of the Club of Rome (USACOR) was formed as the American chapter of the Club of Rome, with the intention of systematically shutting down the US economy.
63) During President Jimmy Carter’s administration, a task force was created to expand upon the “Limits to Growth” document. They published a two-volume report on July 24, 1980, titled “Global 2000 Report.”
64) In its May 20, 1980 issue, Executive Intelligence Review reported a shocking quote from leading Club of Rome Scientist Howard Odum: “It is necessary that the United States cut its population by two-thirds within the next 50 years.”
65) We are currently in year 40 of this ominous 50-year timeline, which suggests that the wealthy elites want to exterminate upwards of 200 million Americans by 2030. Thus, they will naturally be ramping up their depopulation efforts in this new decade.
66) In August of 1982, Executive Intelligence Review released a document called “How the Club of Rome intends to increase the global death rate.”
67) In addition to its aggressive eugenics/depopulation efforts, the Club of Rome is also behind the climate change (global warming) hoax, which the organization basically admitted in its 1991 report called “The First Global Revolution.”
68) In this report, the group candidly stated the following on page 75: “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.”
69) Richard Haass, current president of the CFR (and Trump advisor), expanded on the idea of a one-world government in his 2006 article “State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era.”
70) More recently, the Club of Rome was involved in a climate engineering conference in 2014, in which the topics of climate engineering, human engineering, and nanotechnology were discussed.
71) There is no doubt that the Club of Rome is the primary motivator behind the UN’s fraudulent and destructive climate change agenda.
72) It is imperative to draw awareness to the nefarious financial institutions and globalist organizations that are hiding behind a mask of benevolence, as they are literally engaged in a coordinated genocidal effort against humanity.
73) Here is part 1 in case you missed it.
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