In opposition to @SpaceX's request to lower altitude of all #Starlink orbital planes @amazon argues in @FCC letter SpaceX should inform public about percentage of sats working nominally, warns sats will intersect with one another & those of #ProjectKuiper:
In response to @amazon's concerns the @FCC has indeed requested @SpaceX to reassess collision risk for the lower altitudes and disclose how many #Starlink satellites have already lost maneuver capabilities at or above injection altitude:
@planet4589 @b0yle
@SpaceX responds to @FCC, admits that 12 #Starlink sats have lost maneuverability ABOVE injection altitude, says it has begun coordination with operators licensed in the 2016/2017 NGSO processing rounds, i.e. not with @amazon #ProjectKuiper who complained.
Unsurprisingly, in a phone call with the @FCC on 20 May @amazon has "restated [its] concerns with the space safety risks posed by the recent license modification proposed by @SpaceX, which have not been adequately addressed [in their recent response posted above in this thread]".
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