Tonight we will look at what inspired this tweet & meme

I am grateful to the anti-racist comrades who have walked me through how to #checkyourprivilege

This thread will show one way to engage in critical self-reflection as a white anti-racist activist


In a thread re: whites dismantling #whitesupremacy, a WOC critiqued a point I made

When I read it, I thought 'I didn't mean it that way, did I?'

Just to be sure I scrolled up and read & re-read it. I thought my point was pretty obvious, so I sat on it for a minute

Why was I feeling defensive? This was a mutual with whom I had a good relationship - she had to know I had no ill intent...

(I was now co-opting the dime-a-dozen bigots' rhetoric 😳)

How did that happen?

#whitefragility #whiteprivilege

How do you fix that?


Doing anti-racist work while white, you must always attempt to decenter yourself

In this instance, it meant checking why I was tweeting - to prove my wokeness, or dismantle #whitesupremacy?

For the benefit of the WOC - that's what it means to decenter yourself as a white

In addition to this, my comrade also gave me another answer to the original question - a bonus gift

By questioning my intent honestly, I saw you can never renounce the privilege of your whiteness

It's on YOU to constantly question your intent when anti-racist while white

The fact that my #whiteprivilege was so blinding a POC spoke up

Plus my self-centred defensiveness

Were red flags that I needed to sit down and LISTEN

Thank you to my comrade, who invested emotional labor into me ❤️🔥

No more whitesplaining 😅



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