"Plandemic" is in the same category and as false as "Ancient Aliens Debunked." If you don't get what I just did there we can't be friends. Has it ever occurred to you that the YouTube "woke" videos ARE the disinfo? Slickly packaged to screw with you? No? Their win. Not yours. 🤯
Someone asking, "So basically you now trust everything the gov't is doing and saying?" my answer is, absolutely not and far, FAR from it! You should not believe every single damn internet video you see. Question EVERYTHING, including the so-called "woke" videos. Some ARE disinfo.
Some reactions here are straight out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting... Eat away! Eat away!
Any half wit who suggests "Giorgio please don't become one of the leftist Nazis." Here's some news for you, my grandfather did hard labor in a prison camp in Siberia for 5 yrs because he railed against the Nazi regime and was captured due to his and his tank platoon's efforts /1
to DERAIL the Nazis. So don't "at me" if you don't know a damn thing about me nor my family. Sit the down and hold your head in shame. Words matter. /2
In response to, "That’s funny coming from you, the original conspiracy theorist." I reply, as I have for the past TWENTY-FIVE years, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I cannot count how many times I have stated in public that I am not a conspiracy theorist and that /1
the elements of the Ancient Astronaut Theory are out in the open and 100% accessible to the public IF they desire to see them. NONE of the AAT elements are secret. We have been to the Moon, the Earth is not flat, and there are no Reptilian Overlords. There. /2
In short, please know it's bad when the aliens guy is telling you not to believe everything you see on the internet.
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