My non-med school friends are always shocked when I explain to them how much money I have to pay for my LICENSING exams... #MedStudentTwitter
Here are the current fees from the nbme website: $2590 (645+645+1300) at the bare minimum to graduate from medical schools
Step 3 (your last step exam you take during residency) = $895, grand total now up to $3485
This does not include ANY of the student resources upwards of 90% of medical student purchase to study: $519 for UWORLD Step 1/2/3 for 1 yr each = $1647 + $90 for pathoma + $370 for Sketchy = $2107 !!!!!
So right now we’re up to ~$5600!! What more could we literally be paying for you ask???
Every 4-12 clinical rotation (surgery, family medicine, psych etc) you’re on third year has an end of rotation exam that factors into your grade. The best way to prepare for them?? More practice exams!!! $20 a pop (3-4 each)....let’s estimate another $200 minimum
So $5800 to simply study and take the required exams of medical school on top of the tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans we’re taking out for tuition @PrometricGlobal @TheUSMLE
22% ($1300) of that amt goes to a clinical skills exam that will now be online. The justification of this expensive p/f exam is to pay for these standardized if it’s going to be virtual, I would like to know where this $1300 is going #MedStudentTwitter @TheUSMLE
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