This quote: When I worked with the farmworkers in California I learned the difference between charity and justice.

"Charity asks, 'what's wrong, how can I help?'

Justice asks, 'why is it happening and how can I change it?'

And that's when people get uncomfortable. Because...
... it is often the case that these people over here have less, because these people over here have more.

And when we try to change that, there's resistance & there's conflict and struggle." -Marshall Ganz

This speaks so much to how I feel when well intentioned allies...
... to the undocumented experience want to help, but when undocumented people start organizing and speaking their truth, someone always starts feeling uncomfortable.

Not a general statement about allies to this struggle, just an observation to some experiences I've had.
I didn't think this was going to resonate so much with people. In case you are curious of where I got this quote from, I have been listening to some of the lectures of Marshall Ganz on YouTube. You can see this one here: .
My organizing work has been inspired by his philosophy. In fact a lot of people in the 2010 immigrant youth movement were following a lot of his curriculum. We've learn many other ways of organizing as well, but his work will always resonate with me as I try to go back to basics.
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