A thread: Once upon a time there was a kid @RainRatchapon who loved to hug @MSuppasit in such a cute and adorable way. I love the interactions between them. Let's start with selfies
Baby rain once wished happy birthday to mew on his ig in 2019. These pictures are so cute 😘
Mew was so soft when baby rain came and asked for hug and he lifted the kid up and holding him with tender. (sorry for bad sound quality 😂) And mew was so hot on that day
#babyrain #MewSuppasit
They were doing modelling/shooting for a tv series I think. There were other actors too at the shooting set but this adorable kid kept coming to mew and showing his affection ❀
#MewSuppasit #babyrain
Mew has moved to other side to talk with fans and baby rain keep searching for him and even trying to pull him back haha
#MewSuppasit #babyrain
Okay now for the 2nd session of photoshoot and they have changed their clothes, honestly this boy is so cute with his eyesmile #MewSuppasit #babyrain
😊😍 https://twitter.com/MewSuppasitLuv/status/1258811165083340800
😊😊 https://twitter.com/MewSuppasitLuv/status/1258812790430720000
Daddy mew and baby rain đŸ‘¶
There is a word of wisdom said 'only children tell the whole truth' #MewSuppasit #babyrain
Mew just left for awhile and baby rain has started looking for him again and not hesitated to ask the only mew to hold him. His hug must be the softest ever and only this kid knows better😊
#MewSuppasit #babyrain
Whoever lucky person to have mew as a life partner must be grateful that he will be the best dad for your children #MewSuppasit #babyrain
What I like about all this interaction is that mew did not refuse to hold this kid and just smiled giving his most tender touch/hug. His kind and caring attitudes reflect the present Mew Suppasit
#MewSuppasit #babyrain
I wish that these two can meet each other again and I'll be uwuing if this kid still has affection towards mew. I just want to appreciate these moments. So have a good day everyone by baby rain #MewSuppasit #babyrain
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