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How do tens of thousands of people get fake SIN numbers when they enter Canada illegally? How do political parties profit from this racketeering? We will explain in this thread.
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An individual is recruited to enter Canada and arrives “legally” on a visitor visa or one time visa. This is really human smuggling as there is no intent for the individual to leave when required. (CRA/RCMP are aware of this).
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The individual is taken to a union office and given a union card complete with SIN number. The SIN number is simply made up on the spot.
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The individual is then taken to a construction company that hires them based on the fake SIN number and union card. The company then has to pay the union monthly dues PLUS a union pension contribution of 8 dollars for every HOUR worked by the undocumented workers.
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The individual is now paying union dues, union pension plan, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance fees, but will never collect as they are in the country illegally. This is fraud and the Feds are complicit in it.
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The unions collect the money, knowing full well the “members” will never collect the money put into the pension run by the union. This is fraud.
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The unions send direct contributions as well as 3rd party funding to political parties. Co-mingled money collected from foreign sources is a violation of the Canada Elections Act.
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CRA and the RCMP have been repeatedly informed of this scam, but have refused to act on it. (Surely not politicized?)
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Undocumented workers are now collecting pandemic stimulus money using fake SIN numbers. CRA is aware of this but processes claims anyway.
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Liberal MP @PeterFonsecaMP has said on the record in 2016 that the Govt of Canada believes one million undocumented workers are in Canada. Why the silence from the rest of the Liberal Party?
Totally unrelated to all of the above (LOL) but did you ever stop to wonder where the billions of dollars for all those condos in Toronto comes from? Surely not foreign $$? Surely not illegal? Would TO law firms handle the money if they knew it was illegally sourced?
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