The Countess of Iveagh, and her husband the earl, attend The Game Conservancy Ball in London on 12 June 2003

Lady Iveagh, Clare Guinness (née Hazell), procured British children for Ghislaine Maxwell, according to survivor Maria Farmer - who wants to see arrests.
Lady Iveagh and her husband, seen here at The Game Conservancy Ball in London on 13 May 2004, reside at ELVEDEN HALL, a mansion in Suffolk

Lady Iveagh is an interior designer.

The earl is a member of the Guinness family. He is known to his family as Edward Iveagh or Ned Iveagh.
Lady Iveagh is now President of the NSPCC's West Suffolk branch.

"Elveden Hall itself is used only occasionally, mostly for NSPCC balls & occasional events supported by the Iveaghs"

Lady Iveagh is seen here at The Game Conservancy Trust Ball, 18/05/2006

"We only came for fleeting visits to Elveden when I was a child" said Edward Iveagh, who mostly grew up in Dublin, at Farmleigh ...

"The Iveaghs moved to Elveden in 2001 ...

"The rectory is the focus of the Iveaghs' family life, shared with their two sons, Rupert and Arthur ...
"The Hall itself is used only occasionally, mostly for NSPCC balls and occasional events supported by the Iveaghs, as well as becoming a film backdrop, with a starring role in Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman."

Ulster Tatler APRIL 2019

"[Famous faces] gathered for a fundraising event in London hosted by the Mary Peter's Trust. The event saw high profile individuals such as Princess Anne and Jimmy Nesbitt gather in honour of Mary's Race to a Million"

"Lord Iveagh took on the custodianship of the Elveden Estate in 1992, the fourth generation of the Guinness family to be linked with Suffolk, and the first generation to make Suffolk their home ...
"Born and bred in Dublin, and following active service in the House of Lords, Ned or Edward as he is known, & his wife Clare play a role with various local charities including the East Anglian Air Ambulance, The NSPCC, and the Chadacre Agricultural Trust" https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/we-catch-up-with-lord-iveagh-1-5776566
Edward Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh was on the founding board of New City Initiative co-founded by DEREK LAUD

LAUD is a former Tory lobbyist and alleged child trafficker and paedophile who reportedly trafficked kids from Bryn Alyn Community homes in North Wales to Dolphin Square
Edwina Currie, with whom Derek Laud took part in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire:

1. Appointed JIMMY SAVILE to head up a task force to run Broadmoor

2. Was accused by survivor Andrew Ash of having SEXUALLY ABUSED HIM as a child, according to Bill Maloney

So there it is.

● Lady Iveagh and her husband Lord Edward Iveagh of the Guinness clan

● "Procuring children for Ghislaine Maxwell"

● 'Eyes Wide Shut' and the #NSPCC

● New City Initiative and alleged child trafficker Derek Laud – and his astonishing reputation and friends.
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