What's a toxic relationship?

~A toxic relationship takes away your happiness~

So if you think they can be happy with a person whom they find "toxic", please improve your knowledge

~In a toxic relationship, you avoid each other more and more~

They were not in talking terms for the entire week, and we all know how they both were emotionally disturbed due to the distance, they could not AVOID each other for a long time and talked out thier issues.

~In a toxic relationship, You fall asleep hollow and you wake up just as bad.~

We have seen them falling asleep being sad while they were not in talking terms. While they woke up being all happy, cuddling or dancing when they were on talking terms

~In a toxic relationship, there are no efforts made to be with one another~

Here, efforts were made from both the sides, it's just that thier story was portrayed to us as one-sided. And just accept it that they both were there for each other emotionally!

~In a toxic relationship, you leave the other one in their difficult times~

But here, they have stood strong with the other one during their breakdown and have always calmed tried to calm the other one down, EVEN IF THEY WERE WERE HURT BY THE OTHER ONE

~In a toxic relationship, you do not worry for each other's success~

But here, they do worry for each other's career and success, no one can deny this fact.
Also, how Sana stopped flipping when VG told that she can affect his game and how Sid hyped her up before comedy club
~In a toxic relationship, they are not comfortable around each other~

Do I even need to explain this?

~In a toxic relationship, the other one never respects your decision and opinions and always opposes~

In their case, they might have differences of opinions, but never stopped the other one from taking their own decisions, even though, it might hurt them.

They both have made mistakes in thier respective Journeys, it might be complicated but terming it as toxic is not disrespectful.

We are no one to judge them on the basis of a 20-25 minutes footage

They have always hyped up each other
It's completely ok if you like only one of them, but the least you can do is stop disrespecting the other one

They respect each other, they want to be each other, their happiness lies with each other, then how can we even wish that they get separated
People want sana to come out of this "toxic relationship", People want Sid to come out of this "toxic relationship"

But your opinions even matter to them?

Think before degrading the other one, your own idol might not like it
And for those who age shame or slut shame them, y'all are those loosers who need to get a life

And most importantly, never judge someone on the basis of their past
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