The ugly #Gyanwapi mosque occupying #KashiVishwanath temple will meet the fate of #BabriMasjid
Sadly many Hindus are unaware of our own history and #HinduGenocide under the Islamic occupation of India

The law supported the liberation of #RamMandir and the liberation of Sri #KashiVishwanath temple is non-negotiable
The glorious #KashiVishwanath temple was not the only temple in #Varanasi destroyed under the Islamic occupation of India

Bindu Madhav Temple was the oldest temple of Lord Vishnu in Kashi

Today it has an ugly and illegal mosque standing atop
Their aim of #HinduGenocide was impossible unless all major Hindu temples were destroyed

They destroyed #Rammandir
They destroyed #KashiVishwanath
They also destroyed #KrishnaJanambhoomi in Mathura

Today an ugly Eidgah stands atop Keshav Dev Ji Temple
Every major mosque in India stands atop our ancient temple

But how many Hindus are even aware of Sri Kali temple in #Srinagar occupied by the ugly #Khanqah mosque?
No intention to blame Indian Muslims for the crimes of Aurangzeb

But when Indian Muslims pray at a mosque that stands atop our ancient temples, they not only support the injustice but also become a partner to the Jihad against Hindus

Hindus will reclaim our every last temple
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