🔔Without any details from SM about their unit, what should luvies do? 🤔 Let’s start preparing in advance!

+ Read this thread for what we can all do together to prepare for a successful debut 👇👇

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1. Prepare your chamsims on Idol Champ.

- Both ruby and time chamsims can be used for pre-vote for Show Champion, thus they are extremely important!
- Read the tutorial here for more info on how to create account, get chamsims daily, etc.

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2. Prepare for The Show pre-voting.

- You can collect silver stars on StarPlay by watching ads, completing missions, then converting the stars to voting tickets.
- You can change the app language to English under settings.
#RedVelvet @RVsmtown

3. Prepare for Show! Music Core voting on Mubeat app.

- This is very important. Voting is UNLIMITED on Mubeat unlike the other apps, so we need to collect as many Beats as we can.

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4. Donate to RVU Fundraisers!

- If you have a spare dollar or two, please help to contribute so that we can boost the unit debut song/album in terms of physical and digital sales. It will help a lot!

👉💰 http://bit.ly/loveis-donate 

#RedVelvet @RVsmtown
5. Soribada Stars Collection

- Would you mind helping to collect 5 stars everyday on Soribada app? It takes only a few seconds. We would need the stars for 2020 SOBA AWARDS voting.


#RedVelvet @RVsmtown
We will continue adding on to this thread in future. Please check back this thread/account!

#RedVelvet @RVsmtown
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