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There is a reason why Duryodhana did not participate in Draupadi's swayamvara.

It's because he was already married to the princess of Kalinga, Bhanumati. He had promised her that he would never marry another, and he kept his word. Commitment
(2)Arjuna asks for his gift.

when Krishna reminded Arjuna of his unsatisfied boon and told him to go to Duryodhana and ask for 5 golden arrows. When Arjuna asked for the arrows Duryodhana was shocked but being a kshatriya and bound by his promise he had to honour his words.
...He asked who told you about golden arrows, Arjuna replied who else other than Lord Krishna. Duryodhana again went to Bhisma and requested for another five golden arrows. To this Bhisma laughed and replied that is not possible.
(3) Iravan,the son of Arjun and naga princess Uloopi, sacrificed himself to goddess Kali to ensure the victory of his father and his team in the Kurukshetra war. He however, had a last wish – He wanted to marry a girl before he died.
Now, getting a girl who knew her husband would die in a few days was a tricky task. So, Lord Krishna took the form of Mohini, married Iravan, and even wept like a widow after her husband died.
(4)Duryodhan is lying in the battle field, awaiting death, badly bruised by the wounds inflicted by Bhima. He kept his three fingers in a raised position and is unable to speak. All the efforts made by his men to understand the meaning proved to be futile--
Seeing his plight Krishna approached him and said "I know what issues occupied your mind. I will address them".

Krishna identified the issues as - not building a fort around Hastinapur, not persuading Vidur to fight the battle,not making Aswathama the commander after the death -
-of Dronacharya.

Krishna -if you would have built a fort, I would have asked Nakul to mount the horse and destroy the fort;if you would have succeeded in persuading Vidur to participate in the battle, I would also fought the battle and if Aswathama was made the commander-
-I would have made Yudhistir angry.
On hearing this Duryodhan closed all the fingers and within seconds he left his body.Nakul can drive his horse even in heavy rain without getting wet. It also seems that if Yudhistir gets angry, everything that falls within the range of his eye sight will be burnt.
(5) Sahadeva who had eaten the Brain of his father Pandu after his death could not only see past, and future but also had a great knowledge in Astrology. This is the reason why Shakuni sent Duryodhana to Sahadeva to ask the mahurat (right time) of the Mahabharat War. -
-Sahadeva being honest had disclosed it to Duryodhan in spite knowing the fact that Duryodhan was his real enemy in the battle.
(6) Pandavas were living in exile in a forest. Duryodhana placed his camp on the opposite side of the pond where Pandavas were staying. Once while Duryodhana was taking bath in that pond, the heavenly prince Gandharvas also came down. --
Duryodhana picked a fight with them only to be defeated and captured. Arjuna saved Duryodhana and set him free. Duryodhana was ashamed but being a Kshatriya, told Arjuna to ask for a boon. Arjuna replied he would ask for the honor gift later when he needed it.
(7) Duryodhana's real name was Suyodhana.

And the rest of the clan was Sushaasana, Suchala and so on and not the Dusshaasana, Dusshala etc. that we are familiar with. They were all given nicknames to suit their bad reputation.
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