Dear @rakeshdaultabad
Humble request to follow up the status of metro plans for Subhash Chowk.

Plz for ggn RT @RoflGandhi_
@rwa45in @AmitKhatriIAS @Dist_Admin_Ggm @MDIGurgaon @diprogurugram1
@RapidMetroGgn Please retweet and tag any one who can follow up and get us answers on metro expansion plans of Gurgaon
@abhishekbehl would you please help with info or RT is for follow up ? Please tag someone you know might having information.
Hi Mam @sonalgoelias
Some journalist mentioned that this is under @GMDA_Ggm as you’re heading it would you please enlighten us on the plans of metro expansion. What’s the latest on routes ? Can we use this time for construction as it might help migrant workers to get work.
Thanks for blocking me. I will continue to ask you same question. Will make a new profile specifically for metro. @GMDA_Ggm @gurgaonscoop @NagrikEkta @MeraGurgaon @gurgaon_live @I_Am_Gurgaon @gurugaman @MunCorpGurugram @hdhingra @RajKVerma4 @CaptAjayYadav
@PrakharSahay I saw your profile, like you we are also unable to get any reply from @GMDA_Ggm. You can ask @sonalgoelias mam for GMDA.

Please support our cause of metro expansion in Gurgaon, we will yours.
Together we might help our city. Please tag concerned gurgaon citizens.
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