I have to stop buying things while I am high. I guess I have to read this now even if it kills me. #DontBurnThisBook
I am already dying. #DontBurnThisBook
Of course this is the title for chapter 1. He thinks coming out as a "Classical Liberal" is harder than coming out as LGBTQ. The only "consequences" for changing sides for him was him getting lots of grift money for spouting all the bullshit he gets told to say. #DontBurnThisBook
Well, Dave I keep up with all the latest Genders by subscribing to Gender Weekly which helps keep track of the hundreds of genders being made every week. I have no idea why you think that's difficult. #DontBurnThisBook
The only thing I am worried about being caught watching is porn, also is it actually physically possible to laugh at a Stephen Crowder video? #DontBurnThisBook
Well can I get a refund then? I specifically bought this book to help me get pussy. #DontBurnThisBook
Well Chapter 1 was a laugh. I both regret and do not regret buying this so far. #DontBurnThisBook
Okay now onto chapter 2. #DontBurnThisBook
Damn that sounds a lot like Leftism. #DontBurnThisBook
If this was the results of a test he got 5/6 right which is 83.3% which is a passing grade. Well done, Dave. #DontBurnThisBook
How is this any different than what you, Shapiro, Crowder and a few others do, Dave? #DontBurnThisBook
On behalf of the left and someone who was honestly once a big fan of Maher, I apologize for the left saying mean things about Bill due to his constant racism and a lot of other dumb things he says. Not like he still has a giant platform or anything. #DontBurnThisBook
Credit where credit is due. He managed to withhold a 1984 reference untill the middle of chapter 2. Bravo, Dave. πŸ‘ #DontBurnThisBook
No comment here. Just a really big Eyeroll. πŸ™„ #DontBurnThisBook
We got a couple highlights here.
1. Yes, that is true, Dave is a great example of that.
2. I had to look up what a lipstick Lesbian is. Can't say I didn't learn anything from this book.
3. Real original, Dave. Next you will tell me Canada is a socialist state.
So that's the end of chapter two. Only eight more to go. #DontBurnThisBook
So it looks like chapter 3 is a small introduction on what a classical liberal is and then his positions on various topics. #DontBurnThisBook
First one was Drugs. Nothing really noteworthy to be honest and his take on it was mostly reasonable, but I wasn't really expecting anything spicy from that section. #DontBurnThisBook
Now we are onto Gay Marriage and while it's much shorter than the previous section, it is full of nonsense. #DontBurnThisBook
He really just compared a "Jewish Painter to take commissions of Hitler-Imagery from a Nazi Sympathizer" and a "Black Church to hold an event for White Supremacists" to the famous Christian Bakers refuse to make gay cake incident. #DontBurnThisBook
A few things.
1. I am not sure if a nazi would hire a jewish painter or that a white supremacist group would rent out a black church. #DontBurnThisBook
2. You can not compare these things because there is a fundamental difference between his hypothetical scenarios and the gay cake incident. In the hypothetical scenarios the bigots(the nazi and the white supremacists) are the people seeking service... 1/2 #DontBurnThisBook
And in the bakery example the bigots are the service provider. That changes the dynamic entirely. Comparing them is absurd and it is some really dishonest framing. 2/2 #DontBurnThisBook
Imagine being friends with someone who just thinks you are a degenerate and says your lifestyle is a sin. Although Dave probably sees that and thinks well it's like having a friend who likes a different sports team than you, it's just a difference of opinion! #DontBurnThisBook
The next section is Immigration and I am not sure I am ready for this. #DontBurnThisBook
That didn't take long at all. I really wasn't ready because he didn't even ease into it. #DontBurnThisBook
"Holocaust Guilt" πŸ˜‘
I will sadly admit I lack the knowledge of Immigration to really refute anything he said properly. I would pass that one to other more knowledgeable people on the subject. All I got is my own experiance with immigrants and anecdotes are not going to cut it. #DontBurnThisBook
Oh great, Abortion. Probably not going to do well with this one either. #DontBurnThisBook
This claim about youtube videos of women celebrating their abortions is reminding me of "Muslims celebrated after 911" and how credible that turned out to be.. #DontBurnThisBook
Also did a google search of Shout Your Abortion and it says the idea of it was for people to share their stories without shame and to destigmatize abortions and the people who have had one. #DontBurnThisBook
I can't say to how it was executed or any of the stories told by women using that hashtag, but this is some bad framing to say it's about women cheering that they got an abortion. #DontBurnThisBook
Onto Freespech. Are we going to see the classic catchphrase "marketplace of ideas" in here? #DontBurnThisBook
Wasn't expecting that kinda opening to this section. Also got to love how that last part was added at the end. #DontBurnThisBook
I actually found a video clip of that talk and the holocaust denier in question.
Don't know what this proves? That anyone can be bigoted in someway? Why do people point out stuff like this when you could make a list several pages long of minorities who are ultra conservative or worse. #DontBurnThisBook
Can't have a section on free speech with out the complete misunderstanding of the first amendment. #DontBurnThisBook
The people who tell you that silencing people doesn't work are usually the people who benefit from not being silenced. Why don't we ask Milo if silencing him worked that is if you can find him nowadays. #DontBurnThisBook
Gun Control is up next. I am not anti-gun in the slightest FYI so we will see what I get out of this. #DontBurnThisBook
Man at the end of this I am going to search how many times he says Classical Liberal throughout the book. Also nice meme with the evil white men. I mean they were probably okay with slavery so. πŸ˜• #DontBurnThisBook
Ah I see it was just the drugs was it? 1/2 #DontBurnThisBook
I found some info on all those guys you didn't mention for some reason. 2/2 #DontBurnThisBook
Next up is Trans Issues and that opening says it all. Dave is just a step or two away from an attack helicopter joke. #DontBurnThisBook
Okay puberty blockers are not harmful and can we get a source on children having surgery?
Ah yes, Blaire White. The only good trans person. 😏 #DontBurnThisBook
That is a very interesting flex there, Dave. #DontBurnThisBook
How the fuck do you get It's frequently just a phase out of eight percent? Assuming that's good data of course. #DontBurnThisBook
Also looked up Deborah Soh and I am beginning to see a pattern with all these experts he cites. #DontBurnThisBook
God damn, I was expecting some transphobia, but not this much. Also it's funny to have that last paragraph about virtue signaling from a gay man, because you swap out "trans issue" with "gay Issue" and that would of been fitting in the early to mid 2000's. 1/2 #DontBurnThisBook
I guess Dave got his rights so progress can just stop there because fuck trans people I guess. 2/2 #DontBurnThisBook
Next up is Economics, another subject I am not that knowledgeable in, but I have a feeling dave isn't either. #DontBurnThisBook
That was the funniest thing you have said so far, Dave.
Yeah okay, sure. 😏 #DontBurnThisBook
Yeah I remember when I was a kid I had rent, power, cellphone, internet and credit card Bill's to pay. What kind of idiot would compare saving up as a kid vs an adult? #DontBurnThisBook
Thats the end of that. Need a proper economics person to tear it apart right though. #DontBurnThisBook
Up next is foreign policy. Oh god what sort of apologia are we going to get here? #DontBurnThisBook
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME DAVE?!? I barely slept for days worried about the possible consequences of that and I am not even american. The fact that it didn't at least start a war with Iran was a fluke and that did not make Trump look good in the slightest. 1/2 #DontBurnThisBook
Fucking christ that paragraph. It really caught me off guard because I wasn't expecting a reference so recent and the fact it is really braindead. 2/2 #DontBurnThisBook
That's not true, even your Conservative buddies don't believe that considering how much they talk about the threat of China
Wasn't expecting shots at Bernie in here. #DontBurnThisBook
That's all on foreign policy and that was his last subject thank god. But wait, we have closing statements for that chapter. #DontBurnThisBook
Dave obviously didn't consider the part of his customer that bought this to rip it to shreds and don't be fooled, there will be people doing it who are much smarter than I am. #DontBurnThisBook
Oh was that what you were doing, Dave? Representing the facts?
That was Chapter 3. It was so tiring it took me a few days. I have to say I like the way it was structured and organized with all the topics layed out. Shame the takes were really bad though. #DontBurnThisBook q
So let's see what chapter four is called. Oh christ no. Why? #DontBurnThisBook
So I just finished chapter four and there are going to be a lot of tweets because it's full of "highlights". Its actually worse than the title of the chapter had me believe. You'll see. #DontBurnThisBook
I mean I know I am not a nazi, but are you saying that no one who has read your book or is reading your book a nazi? I somehow doubt that. #DontBurnThisBook
I mean I can only speak for myself, but I imagine if you asked anyone on the left or whatever the fuck Dave thinks the left is then a lot of people would probably say I wish there were less nazi's. #DontBurnThisBook
Oh god. Here we have a "Nazi's were socialist" take. This gave me flashbacks of @VaushV reacting to Razorfist's video on the subject.
I mean you and Milo prove that as long as you back them, they will use you for as long as you're useful. #DontBurnThisBook
I mean I bought this because I was high and to make this giant thread I guess. Your take on Classical liberal was a "bonus".
I mean, you would though. The only reason you haven't done that is because Himmler is dead.
Well, actually the main contention is you invite people on that spout a bunch of awful talking points and you just nod your head and challenge nothing they say. Do I have to post the Himmler thing from the previous tweet again, Dave?
You mean like Sargon? 😏
I mean I suppose that's true. Just ask Arielle Sacrcella.
πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘. Sometimes something is so dumb and awful that added context doesn't suddenly make it better. Don't believe me? Go out and read this book and try and tell me the context of the entire book vs my various screenshots of the book made it better. #DontBurnThisBook
Honestly I don't even thinks he cracks the top 5. Top 10 though for sure. #DontBurnThisBook
Something tells me if you gave him the same shirt, but it said "I'm a proud christianphobe" instead, he would probably not be thrilled. #DontBurnThisBook
I mean Donald Trump is the president and he even appointed people worse than him. Also that's not even mentioning cops. #DontBurnThisBook
Yellow: Well okay, not entirely correct, but okayπŸ€”
Red: Fuck he almost had me πŸ˜’
Hey did you miss the transphobia from chapter three? Dave's got you covered. πŸ‘ #DontBurnThisBook
Yellow: I am actually not sure what that is referencing.

Red: I can't believe he wrote that in his book and thought it was intelligent. Even for Dave, that is nonsensical. #DontBurnThisBook
That's it, that's chapter four. That was really bad. Will any of the next six chapters be worse? Possibly. All I know for sure is I need a break after that. #DontBurnThisBook
I have had my break which includes a good nights sleep. Let see if I can knock out one or more chapters today, starting with chapter 5. #DontBurnThisBook
Take your own advice, Dave. #DontBurnThisBook
We have a red pill reference of course. Can't go without that. #DontBurnThisBook
There is about three pages about his talk with Larry Elder. The Problem I have with it is he assumes he was wrong about his views because he got blown the fuck out, but by the looks of things he just didn't have the knowledge to refute anything he said. 1/5 #DontBurnThisBook
Conservatives love talking to people like Dave was in that interview because they know if the person you talk to can't refute anything you say than you look like you are the correct one. 2/5 #DontBurnThisBook
It's why Crowder does the Change My Mind series. he does it on college campuses with a bunch of 20 year olds and doesn't announce beforehand so not to get caught by surprise by someone who can hold their own (look up the episode with Socialism is EvilπŸ˜‰) 3/5 #DontBurnThisBook
And it's why the most famous clips of Ben Shapiro are like "Feminist SJW owned by facts and logic at some university somewhere" 4/5 #DontBurnThisBook
I say all this acknowledging I would probably be blown the fuck our by either of them and so wouldn't lot of people because they know what to say, how to twist facts and how to catch people in a trap and ultimately who to target. 5/5 #DontBurnThisBook
I find it interesting he didn't go in depth into why that is. Wouldn't want to bring up data about cops, the prison system and such. #DontBurnThisBook
I will admit I don't really like the mindset and practice of editing an interview or segment in such a way that cuts out all the stuff that looks bad on you or to make your opponent look worse. So I will give you a small bit of credit, Dave. #DontBurnThisBook
Damn straight. #DontBurnThisBook
Considering how much Transphobia I saw in the last two chapters, I am a bit skeptical on whether or not you give a fuck about victims. #DontBurnThisBook
Oh god we have another list of topics. This time instead of giving us his opinion on the topics, he is going to give us facts and data. Yeah I need another break from this. #DontBurnThisBook
You have to know he put that in there on purpose. #DontBurnThisBook
Jesus christ. How can a study possibly come to that conclusion? #DontBurnThisBook
Citing women demean each other is just the less bad version of citing black on black crime. #DontBurnThisBook
I think he has a checklist of every conservative talking point cliche and he is determined to do them all. #DontBurnThisBook
You want to know what is really annoying? Someone who is really stupid being condescending because they think they're smart. #DontBurnThisBook
All hate crimes are fake because of one idiot faking one. He doesn't exactly say that, but that might as well be what it says. #DontBurnThisBook
I just realized after several times of doing this exact thing that for a guy who hates identity politics he seems to be doing it a lot in this book. Will have to do a count of how many time he cites the race of the expert he's citing when I am done with this. #DontBurnThisBook
They are both bad. #DontBurnThisBook
Does PragerU actually have facts or do they have facts, but are really dishonest with how they present them? #DontBurnThisBook
All the "Facts" they give is just the typical democrats were racist in the beginning stuff you heard before that no one takes seriously because we have all heard of the southern strategy. #DontBurnThisBook
I mean I am not going to defend Clinton, especially with that TERF nonsense late last year, but under Obama, gay marriage was legalized across all the states that didn't already have it legalized. Don't even know why he thought that was a gotcha.1/2 #DontBurnThisBook
Don't know why he thought that was a gotcha. Although earlier in that section he was like "Democrats were the racist ones a long time ago" so I suppose its fitting. 2/2 #DontBurnThisBook
Thank god that chapter is over. Not as bad as the last one, but not a lot I can work with. He threw in a lot of data and studies so I can't do much with that personally. #DontBurnThisBook
the first bit of chapter six goes into a stressful time in his life where he was dealing with so much stress that he got really sick because of it and hit rock bottom and I will admit I felt sympathy for Dave reading it. #DontBurnThisBook
Sharing that part and making fun of it is not something I can say I am comfortable with so I won't. However right after that the sympathy went away rather quickly when he started to go to bat for Tucker Carlson. #DontBurnThisBook
Oh you are just going to leave the reader in the dark on what comments were made? Then allow me. #DontBurnThisBook
Now as a reformed reactionary from the awful time period between 2014-2017 I am against condemning someone for past comments and actions. #DontBurnThisBook
However when the person in question has obviously not changed their views for the better, is a rich white dude and has a huge platform and audience where they spew truly awful and hateful views than that sentiment goes out the window. Fuck Tucker Carlson. #DontBurnThisBook
Also like Maher who you mentioned in the book several chapters ago, the man still has a platform on a huge network. He only lost sponsors and as a result hardly anyone remembers that media matters went after him. I didn't recall it until I looked it up just now. #DontBurnThisBook
I think it takes a lot of courage to apologize actually. Is there times where you shouldn't? Absolutely, but "never apologize is just bad advice that will just turn you into a toxic person. #DontBurnThisBook
Well I wasn't able to do much with that chapter. Oh well. #DontBurnThisBook
Man I am going to love this chapter. #DontBurnThisBook
The United States of America is not even the greatest country in North America(Canada says hi πŸ˜‰) also saying it twice in the span of three paragraphs doesn't make it more true. #DontBurnThisBook
Playstations are made by Sony who originate from Japan. Also just reminder that those things you mention are also available elsewhere in the world even in countries that share space on the same continent(Canada says hi againπŸ˜‰) #DontBurnThisBook
Useful idiots are awful aren't they, Dave? #DontBurnThisBook
Once again Dave is doing idpol and it's his most awkward use of it yet. It's basically a reflex for him at this point. #DontBurnThisBook
Well, we have another list of topics. This may take awhile. #DontBurnThisBook
Wouldn't want the truth to get out or anything. #DontBurnThisBook
Not everyone on the left wants open borders, in fact I am pretty sure there is a lot of room in between open borders and stay the fuck out that most people would be in. #DontBurnThisBook
Just because America was founded on a pushback against imperialism doesn't mean they didn't do it themselves later on. #DontBurnThisBook
Yeah I am no expert, but I am pretty nothing good came from the Vietnam War. Also Korea has also been on eggshells since the Korean War. #DontBurnThisBook
Maybe I am not the best person to refute semantics on what is and isn't imperialism, but just because America didn't colonize some of these places doesn't mean they didn't leave them in an awful state. #DontBurnThisBook
This could be bad. 😳 #DontBurnThisBook
I haven't seriously followed the NHL for probably five plus years and yeah the cold does suck at times, still wouldn't want to live anywhere else. #DontBurnThisBook
China is communist in name only, but do I expect from someone who wrote earlier in the book that nazi's were socialist. #DontBurnThisBook
When I saw the title of this section I thought I would get shit like "yeah we had slavery, but we also abolished slavery and then nothing racist ever happened again". Instead we get the most lazy and unimagined whataboutism with some dogwhistles thrown in. #DontBurnThisBook
I'm ready. #DontBurnThisBook
Red: Ummmmmmmmmmmm
Yellow: is anyone else uncomfortable with the fact that he excuses Amazon's monopoly with well small businesses can just use Amazon to sell their products, see no big deal.
Has anyone else seen all the articles about how awful Amazon is to work for or was it just me? #DontBurnThisBook
Do I even have to read this one? Is it just "look how educated the asians are, you can't walk five steps on any campus without seeing asians". #DontBurnThisBook
And there it is. #DontBurnThisBook
Hear that you guys? Asians are overall really successful, therefore being successful in America is completely merit based. #DontBurnThisBook
Thanks for looking out for me, Dave. πŸ˜‰ #DontBurnThisBook
My god, what an opening paragraph. #DontBurnThisBook
Red: I used to get upset about people like he's talking about and thought everyone on the left was like that. I grew up and realized that's not true and now I just ignore them.
Blue: Kinda shit you would of heard at Richard Spencer conference. #DontBurnThisBook
Ahh we did get the "white people abolished slavery though" I just had to patiently wait a few pages. #DontBurnThisBook
This was actually the first quote I saw on twitter from this book. Still a good laugh a week later. #DontBurnThisBook
Here is a bunch of rich minorities to prove straight white men are not always on top, because apparently, no one on the left knows what class is.
WTF is this sentence and what point is it even trying to make? #DontBurnThisBook
"America is great because of three random things I pulled out of a hat" #DontBurnThisBook
Chapter 7 is done and I am going to finish it by the end of tomorrow. Going to push through the mental anguish this is giving me. #DontBurnThisBook
Alright the final stretch of the book with three chapters to go starting with chapter 8 where Dave is going to tell us how to spot fake news. #DontBurnThisBook
The combination of Harry Potter and the one joke gives me life. #DontBurnThisBook
I am ready Dave. What awful people are you going to go to bat for now. #DontBurnThisBook
I will admit that whole situation was a clusterfuck of a disaster and the media didn't handle it well at all. At the same time I don't have much sympathy for the students who were there for a pro life rally wearing MAGA hats. #DontBurnThisBook
Dave is not pulling any punches. Can't really defend Jussie or what he did. #DontBurnThisBook
Here comes the Russia shit. #DontBurnThisBook
Oh we have interesting turn. He is going over Faradayspeaks and the alt-right pipeline #DontBurnThisBook
Oh you mean the spat where Crowder was harassing Maza with homophobia for several months? Yeah what a quarrel that was.
YouTube pulls the same shit on me than it does to all political youtube channels therefore since my views are negatively affected I am off the hook from radicalizing people. #DontBurnThisBook
Anybody who watched Faraday Speaks famous youtube video about his experience knows how heavily dishonest this framing is. #DontBurnThisBook
Yeah that is basically Chapter 8. Not as easy to criticize this one because the media does suck. Dave almost had the high ground until he tried to slip in some bad faith shit. #DontBurnThisBook
Okay two more chapters left I will push myself to do at least one chapter tomorrow morning and for sure will have it finished by the end of tomorrow. Might as well end my suffering as soon as possible. #DontBurnThisBook
In other words I imagine this really means, "Find the entrance to the alt-right pipeline that's right for you"
Oh never mind. Its seems it's just literally a mentor. In Dave's case its Jordan Peterson.
This is a bizarre passage. #DontBurnThisBook
Okay this should be good. #DontBurnThisBook
I actually unironically agree with this. However, considering all the stupid stuff I've seen dave say in this book or heard online, does Dave agree with this.
This one was pretty boring except for the projection at the end.
I got no words for this section, just look. #DontBurnThisBook
Where is this going? #DontBurnThisBook
I will admit I laughed at that. #DontBurnThisBook
Oh boy, I strongly disagree with this one. Also implying that there are only a few people who can get a similar fulfillment from other things πŸ˜‘. Just no to all of this.
Check PC police are ruining comedy off the list. #DontBurnThisBook
I am not going to sit here and say that Jordan hasn't changed people's lives for the better in some cases, but I think it's fair to ask the question is all the extra baggage undermining any positive influence Jordan may have had on people? #DontBurnThisBook
Yeah that was the most boring chapter for me, but the end is in reach. #DontBurnThisBook
Here we go, the final boss. #DontBurnThisBook
Okay so in the next tweet in this thread I am going to post about two pages at once which is not something I have done before, but I have to just to illustrate a point. #DontBurnThisBook
I will humbly admit I liked how this chapter was going and agreed with what was said, but just when you like the direction it's going, it then just makes a u turn. You fooled me into thinking I would actually like one chapter in your book, Dave. #DontBurnThisBook
Like he could of just kept that going, but he had to check Greta Thunberg off the list. #DontBurnThisBook
Yeah I may need to get my head checked after reading this if I am being honest. #DontBurnThisBook
Well despite my political leanings, it takes a lot for me to boycott something and as a result I enjoy lots of entertainment that I see as problematic or made by people who are. I mean I did buy your book and read it, Dave. #DontBurnThisBook
And that's all of it. I'm done. What a journey that was. #DontBurnThisBook
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