TharnType: Glimpses of Complex and Unbiased Female Representation in BL Series

A Gratitude Thread ❤️
Disclaimer: This thread is not created to steal the spotlight away from the main issues faced by the the LGBTQ+ community in society. BL dramas have NO OBLIGATION to include women representation but it's nice when they give a complex and unbiased portrayal regardless.
TharnType in particular is a decent example of this. There may not be a lot of female roles in this plot, nor did they get significant focus or screen time, but every female depiction here offers a diversity of insight into women from all walks of life. And it's beautiful. ♥️
It's such an underrated and impressive way of showing respect that every single female role in Tharntype was not neglected in terms of personality and complexity just as their male counterparts. They're not just lame boring stereotypes and also have different levels of depth.
This thread is going to consist of little letters of gratitude to TTTS, and to all of us: every girl, woman, female in heart and spirit. 

This is a genre that doesn't often speak about us, but our story also matters. We are seen and heard here.
Thank you for showing that our seduction goes beyond skin-tight short skirts; for showing that our minds are the sexiest parts of us.

We are clever. We are creative. We are confident in chasing after love, too. Thank you for showing that we should not be ashamed of our courage.
Thank you for not downplaying our desires as irrational demands; for showing that we are straightforward. We speak our mind. We love with good intentions.

Thank you for not being afraid to show the imperfections of your protagonist; for not blaming us for our capacity to trust.
Thank you for not crucifying us as villains.

For showing that our choice to love is not out of idiocy or innocence.

For revealing the frequent, sad reality that no matter how cautious or how careful we become, the world can still take advantage of our hearts and trample on it.
Thank you for not portraying us as underdogs or pushovers. For illustrating that we live in an era where we know the power of our IDENTITIES and we are aware of the huge INFLUENCE we hold.

For showing that we are STRONG enough to strike back, but also SOFT enough to forgive.
Thank you for not painting us as fragile damsels in distress versus heartbreak. For showing that we don't always cry hysterically over rejection.

That we are capable of loving unconditionally from a distance and smart enough to see that an unrequited love does not mean failure.
Thank you for refusing to feed the old fashioned stigma of Asian moms being notoriously strict, uptight and controlling.

Thank you for portraying mothers who adapt well with modern times; for showing that we are capable of giving freedom without letting go of family values.
Thank you for proving that we can be wise and sensitive beyond our years. That our youth does not hinder us from speaking out what we feel and voicing out our affection.

Thank you for showing that little princesses are actually extremely capable of MAKING BIG THINGS HAPPEN.
Thank you for depicting fangirls on a refreshing perspective; for not just stereotyping us as a screaming senseless mob of random teenagers.

We have NAMES.

And we can, in fact, also be sophisticated, grown up, and VERY FINANCIALLY CAPABLE of expressing our admiration.
Thank you for showing that even in the midst of disrespect and complaint, we can keep our authority firm and we can say NO.

Thank you for showing that even in the midst of doubt and uncertainty, our god-tier instincts are almost always, correct. 😂
Thank you for portraying us as bosses of our own business (and sometimes other people's business too.) Thanks for giving a fun, playful glimpse of when a woman leads the workplace, and for showing that it doesn't always have to be us who have to bend and adjust to people's terms.
Thank you for portraying us in great characters that defy usual expectations. For bringing out our best traits in the most challenging situations. For not boxing us in cliches and showing our vibrance and unpredictability.

Most of all, the infinite power of our hearts to love.
Special shoutout to the real life nonfictional queens supporting behind the scenes, because without them we won't have this series ❤️
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