CEO Mew only had 1 secretary since he first founded Mewlion Corp. however his secretary had to file for a maternity leave. She recommended her son who just finished his intern in the company to replace her. He accepted it as he trust his secretary more than anyone
💫since a lot are looking & asking for CEO MEW au I just imagined this last night lol
💫this will be an ENGLISH socmed au
💫I’ll wait first to see if a lot will be interested in this.
💫I’m not a fan of heavy drama plot so this will probably be more on the smut side👀
english aint my first language so pls understand if there’s a grammatical error or typos🤣

other aus: https://twitter.com/mewgulfkings/status/1258949972264796160?s=21 https://twitter.com/mewgulfkings/status/1258949972264796160
🌙 <1> since this got 100 likes I’ll drop the first update
🌙<2> first day at work and you’re late?
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