The club took down everyone's details at the entrance, as well as temperature checks.

But now think about the contact tracing/investigation. Anyone who admits having gone to this club is basically outing themselves as gay, something that is impossible for some in South Korea.
The running joke in gay Korean chat groups and forums was in the lines of "Don't pull a Shincheonji guys" knowing well that the gay community would suffer from the same dilemma about whether or not to come forward.

"Christian" circles are already rejoicing at the news.
How sad is it that when you live in such a homophobic and discriminatory environment like South Korea - one the South Korean government turns a blind eye to - people who are now at risk of having coronavirus might not want to get tested?
Meanwhile, Korean media just HAVE to remind us it's a "gay club" - something which, in theory, is and should be unrelated to story. Media guidelines stipulate that they "should not reveal sexual orientation / identity unless it is absolutely necessary".
Admittedly, no names have been given. But the unnamed patient whose age and area of residence has been disclosed is now known to be gay. As are the 500 people who visited the club. Is the fact of this establishment being a "gay club" relevant to the story?
This is how classy Korean media can be: zoning in on people's sexuality when it's completely unrelated and unnecessary. Lest we forget how unforgiving Korean media were with a certain celebrity a while back. Absolutely disgraceful and unethical behaviour.
"Gay club" (게이클럽) is now the top trending term on Twitter Korea.

News of the man with COVID-19 visiting a gay club in Seoul's Itaewon is also now the most read news article on portal site Daum.
"Gay club" is literally all over the Korean news cycle this morning. How sensational. A GAY PERSON IN KOREA HAS CORONAVIRUS.

This is really disheartening and revealing about South Korean media... and society, all ready to jump on the prejudice bandwagon.
I've been receiving many messages since this morning after which club it was. Since I do think it is important for people to know who might otherwise be in the dark and at risk, it was the King club.
The news is now most viewed news on Naver.

Comments are so vile, in the lines of:

"From cults to gays"

"This is why we should be against an anti-discrimination law, otherwise they'll say we're discriminating against them"

"Reveal the gay routes"
Yes there are parallels to the Shincheonji case, and is the same point I was making in my NYT piece. Perhaps I should re-word the headline to:

"Being Gay Is One Thing, Having Coronavirus Is Quite Another"

Hiding your identity sound familiar?
The homophobic "Christian" Kookmin Ilbo broke the news this morning (homophobic media are usually the quickest at LBGTQ news). They didn't even bother to hide the name of the club. The journalist is part of the "religious features" desk.
While on the one hand I do think it's important for anyone to have visited the club to know which one it was, get tested if necessary and stay safe, the Kookmin Ilbo did not reveal the name for ensure people are safe. No. This was a deliberate attack against the gay community.
If you don't know the true colours of the Kookmin Ilbo, it's very simple: they are a hateful, despicable publication in South Korea that makes it a daily point to hate on gay people.
On a daily basis, they will do whatever they can to spread their homophobia. For them, this "exclusive" on a gay club goer having COVID-19 was god-sent.
"Itaewon corona"(이태원 코로나) is the #1 most searched term on Naver now.

At #2 is the word "gay" (게이).

Well done to Korean media for propagating hate and prejudice against the LGBTQ community.
"Gay" (게이) is now the top trending word on Naver for all the wrong reasons.

Kookmin Ilbo as well as many other media outlets ought to be ashamed of themselves today for contributing to the vilification of the LGBTQ community in an already suffocating homophobic environment.
Petition has been uploaded on Blue House presidential website condemning Kookmin Ilbo & other media for using the word "gay club" and propagating discrimination against sexual minorities, asks for arbitration, punishment & measures to prevent recurrence
This is the state of South Korean media: you can say whatever the fuck you want, make an article go viral, spread to hundreds of other media. Once the damage and desired effect (and clicks) have been generated, you can just edit the article as if nothing was. Nothing to see here.
Compare before and after: Kookmin Ilbo changed the word from "gay club" to "famous club". This isn't a simple error. This isn't a one-off. This is a common industry-wide practice in South Korean media.
Update: authorities have named three clubs in Itaewon, which just so happen to be the three main gay clubs in Seoul (latter point not mentioned). Asking people to come forward if have symptoms etc.
I don't disagree with naming these clubs. It's important for people who were there to know they might have been exposed to the virus. What I'm against is the emphasis by media that these are gay establishments, as if the two are connected.
It's a tragedy though that due to the repressive homophobic society that is South Korean society, people might be terrified to come forward and admit they attended these places. For some, coming out is a matter of life and death. This is so sad.
Being LGBTQ in South Korea can be fatal.

Under half of all under 18's of the LGBTQ community have tried to kill themselves.

Many are abandoned by their families.
Earlier on, KCDC Deputy Director Kwon Joon-wook said "When reporting on confirmed coronavirus patients, I ask you to comply with the reporting rules that protect the personal information of the patients and their families and respect their privacy".
Korean media being a little farcical last night & this morning. All those media who used "gay club" in their sensational stories yesterday have discreetly edited out the "gay" word from original reports, and now publishing stories about "concerns of being outed". Seriously?
Take Money Today (top of this thread): click on the link and you'll notice the headline has discreetly changed. Then now the same media is (only now) discussing ethical implications about media using the word "gay club" as if they were not guilty of the very same behaviour.
Media that all made a fuss that a confirmed patient visited a gay club are now acting all righteously and quoting journalism and human rights guidelines, all saying there are "concerns of outing" due to media's reporting yesterday. Yet they all did exactly that. So lame.
This is really sad. A company employee of the person who tested positive for COVID-19 who went clubbing in Itaewon has also tested positive. Office building with 800 people has shut down. Assuming he's gay, now everyone knows.
I admit that I've been using the "g" word even though now media media are retraining from using it. But it's completely out there now. There aren't many straight people who go to gay clubs in Korea. So my assumption is, he's been outed to his family, friends and company.
In S. Korea, being gay can get you fired. It can get you disowned by your own family. And friends. Thanks for the irresponsibility of Korean media, there is clearly secondary damage going on here. Hundreds were at that club. I can't imagine what some might be going through now.
To be honest I don't solely blame media. I also blame the South Korean government for making LGBTQ invisible and in practice, denying their existence. There is no anti-discrimination law in South Korea. Rampant homophobia is everywhere.
South Korean politicians continue to want to delete the mere mention of LGBTQ from the only law that actually mentions the word.

So when you live in this environment, it's no wonder they Korean media don't even know what they are dealing with.
BREAKING: 13 additional confirmed cases of coronavirus related to the person who went clubbing in Seoul's Itaewon, including 12 people who were at the club. Among those, 3 foreigners and 1 soldier.
Government is advising those who visited the KING, TRUNK and QUEEN club/bars to report to authorities.

Video via Arirang.
The person in question came into contact with at least 1,510 people, government says.

It's really important that everyone who was on "Homo Hill" (especially King, Trunk, Queen) get tested if have symptoms.

I say the hill because everyone bar hops there.
Emergency alerts are being broadcast to multiple areas in and around Seoul asking people who were at King, Trunk and Queen to come forward and get tested.
"Itaewon" (이태원) has now become the top searched term on portal site Naver.
Coming forward to get tested must be a tragic dilemma for many no doubt. This is an awful situation to be in, but if Shincheonji is an example to go by, medical staff have never been out there to stigmatise patients.
The "Christians" were vehemently against Shincheonji. Now they are against gays (they always were). It's like a god-sent gift. Framing COVID-19 as the curse of the devil, must repent their sins. Lest we forget churches also had outbreaks.
It is clear that Kookmin Ilbo is deliberately trying to present gays as sinners. Notice the wording 동성애자 (homosexual) and not the more neutral 게이 (gay). In South Korea, "homosexual" is a very heavily-loaded word often associated with people dying with HIV.
Day after day, Kookmin Ilbo publishes hate articles against the LGBTQ community, saying it's a sin, communism, a dictatorship, the destruction of the Korean church & annihilation of Korea.

This is NO coincidence. These are NOT innocent articles. Surprised there's no arbitration.
S. Korean health authorities are also asking those who visited clubs/entertainment facilities (in general) in Itaewon early morning on the 2nd, especially those with symptoms, to report to the KCDC (1339) and get screened as well.
South Korean health authorities expect a surge in cases related to the outbreak in Seoul's Itaewon.
Asking ALL people (regardless of club/bar) especially those with symptoms to get tested, is VERY WELL played by the KCDC: they are also making it easier for those who might have otherwise been reluctant to admit having been to certain clubs discussed above.
This will hopefully give a sigh of relief to anyone who would have otherwise been unable to come forward to get tested. They could just say they were "somewhere in Itaewon" and not specify which area, if confronted by friends/family/colleagues. Very well done.
So touching. Kim Seung-sup, a professor of epidemiology who has a history of researching LGBTQ health, will be working as a doctor tomorrow in Eunpyeong District with close colleagues to screen anyone who comes "without stigmatisation or discrimination".
South Korean authorities seem to be taking no chances when it comes to the Itaewon club outbreak: cities, municipalies, local governments etc across the entire country are asking people who were at the clubs to get tested. These emergency alerts keep on being sent out.
KCDC: "The virus does not discriminate. We should not discriminate each other and we should always remember that we are a single unity. Discrimination and undermining could also lead to significant harm and hinder our quarantine efforts going forward".

Video via Arirang
2 more service members test positive for coronavirus. This comes after a staff sergeant contracted the virus after visiting the Itaewon club(s) last week.

Remember that the South Korean military is pretty unforgiving if you are "accused" of being gay...
Rumours on gay dating apps and community websites that YouTubers are joining the apps to out gay people live during their broadcasts. This message is asking people to pull down their profile pictures. True or not, I've spoken to a few people who say they are concerned.
Update: Seoul City has effectively banned entertainment establishments including clubs, bars and room salon sex clubs in the city from operating.

There are now 40 infections nationwide related to the Itaewon club outbreak.
South Korea's KCDC has just put this tweet out re: the Itaewon club outbreak:

"Please stop criticising and prejudicing against the confirmed patients" 👏
If it's not the gays, it's the foreigners.

"Foreigner confirmed patients from club outbreak also went to bar in Shincheon. 500 people there at the time"

... showing seemingly guilty silhouettes of foreigners.

Seriously??? How is "foreigner" relevant?
Ok here's the deal: there seems to have been a lot of foreigners at Itaewon clubs last weekend. Difficult to reach them. Some "did not enter their names correctly" in the log. Authorities trying to text them in English, but if phone no is wrong, can't.
Movements of confirmed patients are not readily available in English, critics pointing out that making foreigners aware of the situation is more important right now.

This is slightly different to the previous JTBC article where word "foreigners" was used with little explanation.
Yonhap News is now reporting on how Business Insider is reporting on fears of LGBTQ backlash in South Korea. I'm not against any negative publicity coming out of this, but it's interesting how this being news abroad becomes news in South Korea.
There has been a spike overnight in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea. 26 domestic infections.
KCDC is asking anyone who visited clubs in Itaewon from the end of April until May 6 to refrain from going out/meeting people for 2 weeks.

Koreans and non-Koreans, with or without symptoms can get tested.
Re: the Itaewon outbreak, Hong said: "Right now, hatred towards sexual minorities is throwing responsibility onto them".
A reminder that an LGBTQ friendly medical team is testing people today for COVID-19 at screening site at Eunpyeong District medical centre. Not that it should matter where you go, but it might give reassurance to some.
Can also get tested in districts of Jongno, Jung, Yongsan, Dongdaemun. NO NEED TO GIVE ID NUMBER. It's free. If in doubt or think you might have come into contact with virus especially re: Itaewon outbreak, GET TESTED.
Following on from Seoul, Gyeonggi Province is also effectively shutting down all entertainment establishments like bars and clubs.
South Korea being obsessed with its image outside its borders, glad (for once) to see domestic media discussing "concerns of discrimination reported by foreign media" re: Itaewon outbreak.

Also encouraging that some domestic media are discussing discrimination. Baby steps.
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