1)R.I.P. Todd Christensen đŸ˜„
My husband died on May 1st and his Dr called me less than 2 hours ago & said it was the coronavirus. He was an avid MAGA that believed in the conspiracies promoted by Fox News & others, refused to go to the hospital because he said"the flu is worse".
2)My son and I had to listen to his dad die in the bathroom, because he refused to go see a DR, even with severe coughing, breathing issues, & high fevers.
My son is still traumatized by the agony he saw on his dad's dead face when he got the door opened, while I called 911.
3) To the promoters/believers that this "virus is a hoax, there are empty hospitals, the flu is worse, nicotine cures it, Sodium Chloride cures it"
STOP IT! Before more people die! Please stay at home and wear a face mask, you could be saving the life of someone's loved one!
4) One last thing, my husband's Dr. also told me on the phone that they are seeing a higher amount of deaths in people, that have COVID19 and listen to Fox News who believe in their conspiracies.
5) For those who think this is a hoax, I am not a Dr, I can only go by what I was told by her, yesterday. I wanted people to know that believing in the disinfo kept him from seeking medical attention for along time & also after he was done with the "Z-pac" as symptoms came back.
6) I want to thank th @SalemPoliceDept and the @SalemFireDept who responded. They were very kind and patient while we had to wait a couple hours just to get a special van, from Portland, to transport my husband to a local funeral home. He was given a mask doused in disinfectant.
7) The Dr told me that the mask doused in the disinfectant can skew the coronavirus test results. I asked about antibody testing, she said that there wasn't any to give and the results arent very accurate when they do have them to give. I can only go by what I was told.
8) This is real scary, because now all of us are worried that one of us might die.
The anxiety that brings on, I don't wish on ANYONE!
Please, wear a mask in public and seek medical attention before it is too late!
To clarify, I am not 100% sure my husband had coronavirus yet, I am going off the phone call from his Doctor and what she said. The important point I am trying to make is that he wouldn't see a Dr because he believed in disinformation & to not wait like he did. Save your life!
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