I'm noticing that all these (mostly white men) people defending Moore's film like to

1) couple overconsumption with overpopulation

2) Just kinda drop overpopulation out there and leave it hanging.
This from Richard Heinberg, of the Post Carbon Institute, talks in vague terms about overpopulation but doesn't really get into how we're supposed to "restrain" our numbers.

Who is "We" here anyways?
"Restrain" also evokes carceral language. If one can't restrain oneself, what then?
Notably, Heinberg is on the Advisory Board for Scientists Warning with William Rees, the creator of the Ecological Footprint.

The group has been pushing Bendell's Deep Adaptation on their site and crowd funding for his projects. https://www.scientistswarning.org/advisory-board/ 
William Rees is also part of the Carrying Capacity Network. Their agenda is below.

Immigration reduction, population stabilization, and, among other things, national unity.
I am 100% for rich countries consuming less but, "a universal population management plan"? Not so much.
He calls overpopulation the "forbidden calculation"

These fuckers always think they're edgy.
He's handwringing over climate change killing people but he's also dehumanizing large populations of people, tying them to ecocide, and saying they shouldn't exist. They're the reason for ecological breakdown.
Anyways, that's it for now.

These malthusian, anti human bastards are all connected. Degrowth advocates, they are not your friends.

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