Ok so I just started Game of Thrones for the first time and I'm going to use this tweet for a thread on my thoughts and opinions as I progress through this marathon of a show lol
First of all. 7 minutes into the show and someone already has been beheaded. This is my kinda action lol
Also, did my guy just call this woman his sister? While she's naked?? Yikes 😳
Did he just... But... He was only 10. Prolly ain't even know what he was watching 😨
This wolf just tore TF outta somebody neck lmaooooooo 😭
One thing about this show is that there are a ton of characters... It's hard to keep up with names
I mess with Lannister. Small but mighty.
Yo it is mad disrespectful that they keep thinking Arya is a boy lmaooooooo 😂
Ain't added to the thread on a few days, but I'm hype that there's a House Terrell!!! 💪🏿
Tyrion is a master of words. Very smooth talker
Also, I need Joffrey's head myself. Little blonde haired b*tch
See this why I mess with Tyrion. Ruthless when necessary, but always nice to the ladies lol
"I always hated crossbows... They take too much time to load!!"
Also, I forgot to add that I'm happy they got black characters in the show!

They just have to be pirates though 🤦🏿‍♂️
YES!! Black royalty coming thru to save the day and let Dany in! 👏🏿
Ok this thing they do with the rat and the metal bucket is way too much 🤢🤮
What the heck did this woman just give birth to?! 😱
So after reflecting on what I saw in GoT last night, Tyrion did for Joffrey what Boosie did for his son... Except it went horribly wrong for the women 🤦🏿‍♂️ everything about that situation is messed up
Ok so why is this wildling tryna back it up on John lmaooooooo 😂
They done stole my girls dragons!!! 😤
Lady Stark said she finna make heads roll herself!!!
Ok so my prediction for this war at King's landing is that Stannis is about to wreak havoc on the Lannisters with Melisandre's dark magic baby.
They finna lose. Joffrey left, half the King's Guard is dead, and Tyrion is strong TF up. Will it be enough tho
And now Sansa finna run away 😭 throw everybody in the trash 😅
Ok. This episode did not disappoint. The Dragons, the zombies, the crazy plot twists. It's lit
Ok so not only does Dany have dragons, but now she got a ride or die black girl friend? Best character on this show, hands down.
I called this entire scene. Loved it. 🐉 🔥
Ok I didn't really care about Theon, but nobody deserves to be tortured like this. This is straight up sinister.

Except maybe Joffrey. Still would like his head on a spike.
So the other day, I was told that the actor who plays Joffrey said people genuinely hate him bc of how well he played this character and I honestly understand. I'd beat tf out this kid if I saw him IRL 😂
Lmao Dany done took this mans gold and threatened to kill him and all of his men if he doesn't free his slaves. This is officially a Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen Stan Account 🔥🐲
Arya gotta be one of my favorite characters too. She would be good for the Iron Throne in like 20 years
Wait, did Jon just leave his woman after looking her wildling goons?

And his own brother almost killed him bc he ain't know who he was. Yikessss 🥴
Yo Grey Worm is a SAVAGE 😭
And Dany's army is just growing and growing. She really finna do this thing bruh 😭
This man said "The sword needs a sheath and this wedding needs a bedding" I'm weak lmaooooooo 😂
But these dudes are really about to make this little girl 😷 do the nasty 🤢 with this grown man 🤮 wild
And Catelyn!!! *Faints*
Arya was so close man. The Starks been going through it this entire series smh.
The wolf too man. OMG they did not have to do that ☹️
Alright the season 3 finale is about to start. Here are my predictions:
1. Tyrion and Sansa are going to have a redeeming moment between them and their relationship will grow stronger (even though she's like 14 🤢)
2. Dany is going to figure out how to get her 10k+ soldiers over to Westeros.
3. Joffrey Will die 🤞🏿🤞🏿🤞🏿
4. Jon Snow is going to get captured again
5. Bran is going to do something crazy with his new powers
3 minutes in and I'm shook
Tyrion just threatened to kill Joffrey and Tywin just sent Joffrey to bed and he wasn't even tired lmaooooooooooihatejoffreysomuchoooooooo
Yo this dude Ramsey really cut off Theon manhood 😭 that's messed up fr

Ramsey after sending that box to The Greyjoys:
Ok so either Sam picked up the dragon glass off screen or he took more than one piece. Either way, I'm pissed they put me on this roller coaster 🥴
Wow Jon Snow, what a way to say goodbye 😭 🏹
Jamie and Cersei are reunited after all this time... Yikessss lmao 😂
Ok I'm about to start season 4... Here are my predictions:
1. Jamie and Cersei are gonna get caught consummating again and Joffrey Will be exposed
2. Arya will be reunited with her assassin friend
3. Dany will FINALLY make it to WESTEROS
4. Sansa will get pregnant
Why Jamie look so different with his haircut lmao
So Joffrey and Margery are finally married. Oh boy, this will go well. What did they say a few episodes? We have a wedding but we need a bedding!
Aww look at Margery making Joffrey look like a better person!

F*ck him though *Sent in invisible ink*
Somebody poisoned Joffrey's wine!! This is the moment I've been waiting for! Finish him!!!
Been almost a week since I watched GoT. Let's see what happens. Last episode ended on a cliffhanger with Joffrey FINALLY kicking the bucket.
Tyrion is innocent bruh there's no way he's responsible for this... (Although I'd Stan even harder if he was responsible)
Arya is going to become an assassin. She's learning how to manipulate people to earn their trust and has a direct interest in killing 😬
This awkward relationship between Sam and Gilly 😭
The folks in this show always think shaking hands is like the "No take-sies backsies" of adulthood smh
This show is crazy bc now Tyrion's own dad is conspiring to have him killed and like???? And his sister (and brother) are too??? 😬😬😬
Alright so Grey Worm said "Kill the master's..." He ain't talking about Dany is he? 🤔
Ahh NVM they just explained it 😅
You know, they keep setting Dany up as this great emancipator, and I feel like it's a pipe dream. Like they're making me like her character just to have her disappoint me later....

I hope I'm wrong.
"Sansa is not a killer... At least not yet anyway"

Margaret Grandma did it!!! I'm so confused I thought little finger did it 😭 what is happening!!!
Jamie got Brienne new threads and a new Valyrian sword?! Woooooooooow, this man is SPRUNG
This thing with the white walkers and these babies is not cool.
THEY ARE NOT ABOUT TO KILL HODOR!!! Nah I'm upset. They better not hurt that man
YO I'M SO CONFUSED AFTER WATCHING THIS EPISODE!! What are these undead people and what do they need these babies for?!
This is why I hate this show bc now I wanna watch the next episode 😭
Ok so I watched a few episodes without updating this thread. This is what's happened:
Tyrion got put on trial, and everybody he thought was loyal to him testified against him.

Tyrion went on a tirade and demanded trial by combat (and lost in a "crushing" defeat 😅)
Dany still in the east playing around, got down with one of the knights that was advising her and found out the other was a spy.

Ramsay has a very strange relationship with his father, but finally got what he wanted by being a sadistic, cruel slavemonger (to a white man).
Jon Snow tried to tell the knights watch how to win and dudes was being stubborn so they finna get they asses whooped.

Aaaaaaand Littlefinger killed Sansa's aunt just to have her turn around and lie about it on his behalf! Then Arya found out and laughed about it? 😂
So now, I gotta see what happens with these white walkers and Crasters' baby, and the wildlings when they reach castle black, will Tyrion finally get executed, will Sansa ever know peace, will Theon ever stop being brainwashed, and when will Dany attack/take the throne?!
Episode 9 is always the action packed episode of every season and this one is not disappointing so far
Ok Ygritte is freaking katniss Everdeen in this mug bro!!! She is intense
Bro the giant that just let his arrow loose!!! Sent that man FLYING 😭
This battle is brutal af!! 😭
These mammoths don't give af about y'all cold rolled steel, b*tch!!! The knights watch holding their own for a group of just 100 though
The knights watch better use their brains!! Drop fire all over these mammoths and giants
Ygritte!!!!!! 😱😭
They just dropped the SCYTHE!!!!! 😭 Idk how much more of this I can take 😂
So the knights watch has prevailed and Jon Snow is off to find Manse Raider. Time for the season finale!!
Mance Rayder**
Jon took 10 steps outside Castle black and is already in front of Mance lmao
Damn... Dany just chained her dragons up.
Brienne vs. the hound!!! She finna beat his ass
Draw. Crazy lmao they went in
Jamie is a real one. Tyrion finna escape bc of him!
OMG it's Shae!! Wow plot twist!!
Killed by his own son. This was inevitable honestly. Tyrion lives on
Of everything this season, I really don't like that Dany chained her dragons. That was the let down of the entire series so far
Ok so season 4 is finished and I'm onto season 5! Here are my predictions:

Margaery marries Tommen and manipulates TF out of him to get what she wants.

Not sure where Tyrion is headed exactly, but it seems like they got plans for him.

Bran learns to fly (?????)
Dany gets her shit together (cmon seriously, she locked two of her dragons away? Big dummy stop being dumb and train them like you supposed to!!)

Jons gonna form an alliance between Stannis, the Wildlings, and the rest of the Nights Watch. Melisandre converts Jons religion
Arya reunites with the faceless man in Braavos. Learns to kill, but with style.

Theon's gonna snap out of it and kill Ramsay.

Let's see what happens!
Aight, so somebody gotta help me out. Cersei's memory said she was gonna have 3 kids and she only got 2, right? Joffrey and Tommen? That mean she finna have another or I'm missing somebody?
Also, what's with the rocks with eyes that they put over people's faces in this show? Did I miss something? Makes them look silly and not dignifying at all lmaooooooo 😂
I feel like Margaery is gonna kill Tommen and become queen regent
"You're not the Mother of Unsullied. You're the Mother of Dragons."

Act like it.
They done put Arya on line in the castle of black and white lol. Jaqen need to free the solo!!!
So either Little Finger just lied to Cersei about killing Sansa or he's a double crossing, back stabbing SoB!!!
Tommen not finna save his Queen!? Woooooooooow I know he young but sheesh, he really ain't got no type of stones, huh 😂
Took her ass to the dungeon and mans just sat there with his mouth open. Yikes 🥴
Theon is hella broken. Wow, it's almost sad to watch. Almost
And Ramsey is about to get down with Sansa.

And he's about to make Theon watch... This nigga is insane. Somebody need to kill him
That was messed up. Theon is about to kill Ramsey. I know it. Torture him the same way he got tortured. Episode 9. Calling it lol
Sam gave Jon dragonglass! I thought he dropped it all when he killed that white Walker. I take back what I thought about him lol
Theon finna tattle tale on Sansa!!!! Oooh you better not you back stabbing, double crossing, son of a b-
Ok Sam may have got his ass handed to him, but when that dire wolf showed up, it was wraps!!!
And Gilly finna throw it back on a real one!!
Dude Stannis killed his brother and now his daughter? Yikes I am not happy 😒 screw this Lord of the light religion BS they on
VALAHD!!!!! 🐉🔥
This show is absolutely insane and I freaking love it. About to watch the season 5 finale in a minute. But wow. I heard it goes downhill and I'm not looking forward to that 😭
I freaking love Dany and it's been *hinted* that I need to wait bc her character goes south and I really hope it's not as bad as I think it may be bc she's honestly my favorite. Arya is a close second
I like Jon too. Wish he wasn't working for Stannis though. Guess he don't really got a choice but still 😥😒
So Stannis had his daughter burned alive just to have his wife hanged by the woman who did it!! Idk what to call that. Retribution? Karma? Yikes 😬
So Sam wants to become a maester. That will fit him well.
Kill him, Brienne!!!
Another one of my favorite characters. Love Brienne
I don't trust Theon at this point... He's gonna betray her again I know it
Get his ass, Arya!!! She cold-blooded!
That woman told Bronn "You want a good girl, but you need the bad 🐱"

Wow lmao I know they're bringing her back for another season
I'm upset they killed Myrcella like that, but I didn't really get to know her character like that so 🤷🏿‍♂️
Omg so now Dany finna get captured smh I'm so MAD!!!
Cersei not bad looking in this atonement scene lmao 👀
Oh Melisandre is a back stabbing, no good, double crossing, dirty little 🤬

But, she had Stannis murdered, so idk how I feel 🤔
Dang it bruh I literally just tweeted that he was one is my favorite characters!!! Fml
TF they finna do about all the Wildlings without Jon? They out numbered. Jon saved them. It's wraps. Fml that literally just ruined my night.
Wow what an emotional roller coaster I went through tonight lmao. Can't wait to do it all again for season 6 😅🙃
I'm starting season 6 now and I'm still mad about how they took out Jon at the end of last season. Smh.
Here are my season 6 predictions
1. Jon is getting revived by some Maester voodoo magic type stuff. Or the white walkers revive him, but his heart or something is strong enough to overcome it. Idk I just can't believe they are gonna keep his character dead.
2. Ramsey dies. Dassit
3. Arya continues on her killing spree - without eyes this time, making her the coldest assassin in the game 😭
4. Dany... Idk at this point lmao she gotta get back to her dragons soon. Drogon finna save her again and she taking Tyrion back to Kings landing
5. Sam becomes Maester
6. Sansa gets her revenge on Ramsey... And kills him. Yes
7. TF happened to Bran Stark, et. al? They saw that 3 eyed Raven and fell off the map lmao. He gotta show some Warg stuff this season. Maybe he'll get back with Sansa or Arya this season 🤷🏿‍♂️
8. Jamie gets better at combat.
That's all I got! Let's see what happens 😬
Ghost is pissed!! 😭
Oh, Ramsey said to feed the body of his little side chick to the hounds? Bet. He at the top of my list. 🤬 That dude
And Podrick getting kills in too!!
Brienne and Sansa finally have their moment.

Can't wait to see how they screw with my inner peace this season 🤪
So Tommen still ain't got the stones to get his own wife out of prison. You the king bruh. Act like it smh
Here we go with these rocks with eyes on em. It's ridiculous how silly it looks lmao
I find it absolutely hilarious that in this show, they mostly have a direction and their wits when they set off to find someone/something and they find it every time

Yet I can barely get from my apartment to somewhere an hour away without turning on my GPS lmaooooooo 😭
Like... Bruh... Hope they find Dany's ring she took off and threw in the grass like it had a big red sign that says "here" next to it lmaooooooo 😂
Wow so Dany going to Vaes Dothraki. What a crazy conundrum.
Arya been going through it bruh. What's the angle? Does she deserves it all bc of her family name? Like shit, give my girl some redemption!!!
Finally, some character development for Bran.
I knew the Wildlings went gonna take that shit! Throw that nigga in the crypt for killing Jon
The Mountain is a freaking savage, it's wild
OMG these freaking rock eyes lmaooooooo 😭 Myrcella looks so silly in these. I really don't get it 😂
So they just explained it... They're supposed to be reminded not to fear death. That when you close your eyes in this world, you open them up in another. I guess that's cool... Still looks silly lmao
Tyrion: that's what I do. I drink, and I know things.

Mood 😂

Woooooooooow 😶
This man finna kill this baby...
Ok, I need Ramsay's head. The wolves, my dude?!
JON IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭
Arya got her eyes back. A girl is finally no one!!
Jon: You have Castle Black now. My watch has ended.
The Nights Watch:
Jon and Sansa are finally reunited!!! ❤️
I freaking love Brienne. So sassy and can't nobody hold a sword to her!!
Sansa finna kill Little Finger!
Arya just caught a mean ass fade from the chick she training with lmaooooooo 😭 yeah baby girl, you still got a long way to go
Wtf is this midieval play lmao they are making Arya relive seeing her father die!! How terrible
Now who TF is Euron Greyjoy?!
Oh that's right, the dude that killed Balon!! His own brother! Wow and now he's trying to take the Salt Throne. The audacity
So much just happened and now I'm confused. They drowned him?? They tricked him and drowned him...
No, he's still alive??? And now he's King. 😶
Aww man... They got my man Hodor. What a way to end the episode. That was his destiny to help Bran escape from the white walkers. He held that damn door like a champ #HoldTheDoorHodor
Sam's dad is an asshole!!
I love Sam's character. There's so much room for growth there. I'm rooting for him!
These freaking plays are hilarious 😭 this dramatization of Joffrey's death is so bad lmao
"A shame. A girl had many gifts"

Yeah yeah, you ain't finna hit Arya in her mouf about it tho!!!
Ooohhhh shoot, Jamie pulled up to the High Sparrow!!! It's about to go DOWN
OMG I've never seen a house climb stairs until now. Season 6, episode 6. Wow

There's no way that he is really about to form an alliance with these dudes bro. I'm sick. What the hell bruh

I'm done. I'm ready for Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen, the Unburnt, the breaker of chains, the mother of dragons... To sit on the iron throne!!
Dany got on that dragon and dudes started to pay attention!! I'm so ready for her to get to Westeros!! 🔥🐲
The hound is ALIVE!!!!
They need to go ahead and rename this season "The Renaissance" because dis tew much
Alright, it's been a minute since I've updated this thread, BUT I made it to season 8. The final season. So much has happened.
Arya, Bran, and Sansa made it back to Winterfell with Jon. Jon went down to Dragonstone & rendezvous'd with Dany, Got some dragonglass, went back up north of the wall to grab a white Walker, got stranded until Dany came to save the day, Viserion DIED 😭🔥🐉, Dany is fired up,
They grabbed said white Walker and flew away, Uncle Benjen came to save the day (again) and promptly died (again), brought the Walker to Kings landing to show Cersei and OF MF COURSE she lied about wanted to help out the north in the fight against the dead. So Jamie left her
(and presumably his unborn child) to go fight for the living, the Dothraki and Unsullied are eating up all the food in Winterfell, the remaining two dragons aren't eating enough food, and Sansa is NOT happy with anybody.
So the few major things that have happened:
Jon is actually Rhaegar Targaryen's son, Aegon, which makes him the true heir to the iron throne!!! And he's immune to fire (wonder if this will come into play later).
Viserion is a f*cking Zombie Dragon that spits blue fire!!! 😱
Arya is a real assassin. She's gonna kill a lot of these walkers. Or maybe the nighty King himself 👀 what's with this weapon she's trying to have crafted for her anyway? 🤔
Cersei's head will be on a spike by the end of this. And Tyrion will kill her 🗡️
Sam Tarly is that guy! 💪🏿
That's all. Back to your regularly scheduled programming 🙃
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