my ex and I ended up FaceTiming for 3 hours last night and now I’m CONFUSION
My therapist is gonna roast me on Friday I already know it
Update: we did not speak yesterday so we’re either both just gonna act like it didn’t happen or I’m gonna cave and text first eventually
Update: she texted me first so at least I didn’t cave
for context purposes: this girl and I dated for about 6 months before her dad died in November of cancer and afterwards she cut things off (for obvious reasons) then ghosted me for 3 months up until she texted me apologizing a week after my birthday insisting still that I was +
Perfect but perfect for someone else and that she’s still an emotional mess. She’s a sag though so she avoids confrontation and emotions like the fucking plague. so here we are.
I’m adding to this thread because me and said ex still text and idk why and now she’s talking about coming back to town and I’m still confusion
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