Secret of Ganesha.
(In words of a Yogi)

With a calm and bright face and a slight smile Yogiji said -

Look at that picture what do you see?

Me- Lord Ganapati

Yogiji- have you ever thought why is he like that?

Me- No Swamiji, forgive me but it does look a bit strange.
What is the reason behind Elephants head?
Why he rides a mouse?
He has a big body but still rides a small mouse it doesn't make sense.

Yogiji with a calm smile- Look deeper son, it has a deep meaning. Like I told you about Shiva remember, do you want to know about Ganapati?
Me- Yes Swamiji pls tell me

Yogiji- I will tell you, Ganapati is symbolic representation of a perfect ruler. A ruler must be Ganapati

What is the meaning of word Ganapati?

Me - Guardian of Masses

Yogiji - Correct, Ganapati means leader or Guardian of group of people.
See that's how a perfect ruler should be,
Look at the large head, it represents high intelligence, a ruler must be intelligent, he should be able to take decisions after considering all factors, that is represented by large head.
Now look at his ears, his ears are large, why? Because a ruler must listen to his subjects, a ruler must hear voice of each one of his subjects even in remotest place, that is represented by large ears.
Large nose, it represents rulers ability to detect any conspiracy in his Nation, metaphorically he smells out all conspiracies against his nation. This refers to a strong intelligence network of spies.
Now look at large belly, it represents food storage, a Nation must have enough storage of food so that it's people do not suffer in times of calamity, that is its symbolic representation.
Now he sits on a mouse, Mouse represents pests and miscreants, those who destroy resources of nation, ruler sits on them that means thay are under his control. He must control them else common people will suffer.
you see he have one teeth that's why he is called ekdant, Dant represents Law, there should be one law for everybody, different laws for different people cause injustice in nation. Hence a Ruler should be Ekdant, not favouring anybody even own family is same as others for Law.
Finally he has Four hands, it means he should be able to protect his nation from all directions.

Do you understand?

Me- Yes Swamiji I do

Yogiji - Yes you do but people don't, they laugh, especially people of your age. If someone laughs, you tell them what I just told you
Me - Yes Swamiji I will, Thank you.

I touched his feet and walked out, knowing a bit more about greatness and depth of Sanatan Dharma. Only those people laugh who don't understand.
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