At least eight terrorists have been captured by Venezuelan special forces in an attempt to enter Venezuela to carry out terrorist attacks and assassinations. Two U.S. terrorists belonging to the Silvercorp mercenary firm have been identified.
President @NicolasMaduro confirms the capture of U.S. terrorists belonging to Silvercorp mercenary firm in Chuao, Aragua demonstrating Luke Alexander Denman and Airan Barry's passports, veteran IDs and Silvercorp ID.
At least 8 other U.S. terrorists belonging to Silvercorp have also been killed by Venezuelan special forces including Captain Robert Colina alias "Pantera," 2 mercenaries captured. One detained is a U.S. DEA agent.
Venezuelan authorities seized: 10 rifles, 6 trucks, a speedboat, satellite phones, ammunition from the U.S. terrorists killed during raid on their safe house.
The moment 8 U.S. terrorists were captured by Venezuelan authorities, they surrendered immediately to avoid the same fate as 8 others previously killed less than 24 hours before.
The captured terrorists Luke Alexander Denman and Airan Seth Barry are U.S. military veterans from Texas, contracted with Silvercorp and are associates of Florida based ex-green beret Jordan Goudreau, linked to @JJRENDON and @jguaido.
For context, @JJRENDON is a U.S. protected international criminal who has been involved in fraud and election rigging across Latin America. Previously Bloomberg exposed the U.S. right-wing operation funded by JJRendon to hack several elections.
For context, Jordan Goudreau is an ex green beret who leads Silvercorp mercenary firm. He's also a right wing Trump supporter. Goudreau coordinated the Venezuela terrorist plot with the U.S. backed @jguaido who hired him but backed out at the last minute.
Here is terrorist leader Jordan Goudreau of Silvercorp running private security for U.S. President Trump at one of his infamous rallies.
At least one of the captured U.S. terrorists is confirmed to have also participated as Trump's private security previously.
One of the captured terrorists told Venezuelan authorities that they were coordinating and taking orders from U.S. President Trump's personal "security chief", Jordan Goudreau.
U.S. terrorist and Trump security Jordan Goudreau claims he's not a mercenary because Juan Guaido backstabbed him and his firm Silvergroup has not seen a penny from the contract they signed. Is now going public to "save his men". The Trump admin is also denying involvement, lmao.
Despite the official U.S. denial of involvement, @SecPompeo broadcasted on April 29 that a coup effort in Venezuela was nearly consolidated and asked the @StateDept to prepare to re-open U.S. embassy and fly the Flag of United States in Caracas.
Jaded and backstabbed Jordan Goudreau claims to have an official contract and video of "president" Juan Guaido hiring his Silvergroup mercenary firm to commit terrorist acts and assassinations in Venezuela, the contract is signed by Juan Guaido, J.J. Rendon and Sergio Vergara.
Trump on U.S. terrorists captured in Venezuela, “uh, I just got information. Nothing to do with our government."

Video of U.S. terrorist Luke Denman being interrogated in custody aired on Venezuela state TV.
Video of U.S. terrorist Airan Berry being interrogated in custody aired on Venezuela state TV.
U.S. terrorists captured in Venezuela face up to 10 years in prison, with no signs of abuse or torture while presenting themselves in front of a judge.

Venezuela vows to respect their human rights & the Constitution, unlike the U.S. with Guantanamo bay.
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