1) What’s the difference btw this statement & declaring “The #GNA & its militia will never surrender!” Anyone who’s followed the #Libyan conflict from its outset (2011) can see this is what it amounts to. It’s those behind GNA/its militia who’ve been primary initiators or force. https://twitter.com/petermillett1/status/1257424513089798144
2) Believe it or not, people didn’t wake up one day & say “sod this democracy lark, where’s Khalifa Haftar? He’s the future of #Libya!”. To mention Egypt & UAE w/o a word about Qatar, Turkey & the elements that make the GNA consistent w/ the GNC - I.e. the Muslim Brotherhood...
3)...& its allied militia is beyond a joke, & cannot be the statement of an impartial observer. In reality, there is no such thing as “pro-Haftar” per se. But there *is* a fundamental rejection of the #GNA & its criminal militia, & the desire to see the back of them at all cost.
4) Want to take the wind out of Haftar’s sails? Offer a credible way to defang #Libya’s Islamists, & ensure that free & fair elections will be respected & upheld. All talk of “negotiated solutions” short of that is impotent at best.
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