I have a vivid imagination but I also have a very very keen intuition. I'm not a mother, blessed with a mother's intuition but I think I've got something like it. If you're not into imaginative threads without concrete proof This thread is not for you. If you are, read on...
It will be one big "what if" statement. I will pin to my home page. If the future facts don't bare me out you can call me a loser right then.
Let's start with a premise. Joe Biden was never the Dems choice to run against DJT. They've always had someone set aside that they think..
is way more electable than any of the candidates, all 22 of them. The goal from the start was to protect that candidate from media scrutiny and onslaught from DJT until the last minute so minimal damage could occur. Possible right? But why put Joe up there? Now we can look at ...
some facts. Joe is the most connected insider in both the Obama Whitehouse and the DNC. His collusion in this is absolutely necessary right from the beginning. He cannot be a lost minded stooge in any of this, although he plays the part super well. His candidacy also was needed..
to inflict maximum damage to the president (impeachment hoax and one other future hoax I'll get into shortly) throughout the campaign process. Also to ward off investigation into the Ukraine/China debacle that most certainly involved Obama also. You begin to see here the why..
it had to be Joe becomes glaringly obvious. But it gets much worse. They have to get rid of Joe. Joe's ok with that because remember he's in on it. So knowing they had a CNN report from the 90s Joe and team enlist the help of Tara Reade (of course she will deny) to bring these...
true charges against Joe (not to hurt Joe) for the "good" of the country and to get rid of DJT. Now we move to future. Joe is gone. Run out on sexual assault charges. In comes saviour candidate.
Then another women comes forward with similar charges against the president. You..
kind of chuckle...been there done that. But this time ..it's with the backdrop of the entire MSM and the DNC running off their own candidate for a similar offense. And comparing how it is handled for all the people to see. You might say well we will deal with it if it happens...
I say get in front of it. Point out the plotting evilness of the entire Dem apparatus. Then if it happens we are already there waiting for it. If it doesn't no foul committed at all. It won't be good enough in retrospect. These people need jams in front of them at every turn.
One more thing and remember this all happens after the right-wing media has spent a month or more calling out the left-wing media and the Democrats for not coming down extra hard on Joe Biden. So in essence the media right now on the right is falling into a trap.
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