Subhadra and Arjuna (refutation of an article by The Print)

The Print recently published and article about Subhadra, let's analyze it one point at a time.
They say Subhadra's "Painful story of abduction"
Remains buried because "Nationalist" glorification of Arjun and Abhimanyu. Aparantly nationalism is to blame for this.
They are trying to say that subhadra was kidnapped against her wishes forcefully. Which is a LIE and I will prove it in this thread.
So what happened was that Arjuna went for a festival to Dwarka, he and shree krishna were there together when Arjuna Saw Subhadra and fell in Love with her.
Shree Krishna Saw it and asked Arjuna if he wants to marry her? Arjuna was ready, so Krishna Ji said A kshatriya either gets a wife in Swayamvar or he takes her away.
Here The Print uses word "Abduction" that's wrong as Haran here means taking away, I am attaching Screenshot. Haran can mean abduction but NOT in this context, why? We will see
When Arjuna went and took Subhadra "SHE WAS SMILING" while going away with him, Attaching screenshot from Mahabharat.
If he was taking her against her will why would she smile? (शुचिस्मिताम्)
Before taking Subhadra Arjuna asked for permission from Yuddhishtira and only after that he took her. Will Yuddhishtira allow forceful kidnapping? It's clear she had given her consent
it is not specifically mentioned there but her smiling while going with Arjuna says all.
That's not it, all family members of Subhadra went after them and brought them back to Dwarka with respect, If she was taken forcefully Why did Subhadra not protest when she was back home?
From these evidences it is clear that there was no Kidnaping against Subhadra's wishes. She went away with Arjuna Smiling
Bhagwat Purana explains this story in detail where it is mentioned that Family of Subhadra wanted her to marry Duryodhana, that's why Krishna was against swayamvar.
But The Print claims Bhagwat Puran tries to shift the blame elsewhere to Duryodhana. This is wrong, Bhagwat just provides additional information which was excluded from MB.
Trying to show a story of Love and friendship as a story of forceful kidnapping is an attack on Hinduism and Indian culture. This is a thread to answer them, we won't stay silent now.

जय श्री कृष्ण
Some more objections.
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