100 ways of KISSing by MEWGULF --a thread (featuring tharntype)

1. THE actual KISS( by tharntype) (mewgulf cant relate)
2. New couple (have to control kind of kiss) by tharntype (again mewgulf dont know what is this!)
3. "i wuv you" type of kiss..!( nothing Sexual) 🤗 another name is Sweet fluffy kiss! Mewgulf might relate... i dont know 😉😉
4. it's called "phi-nong" kiss..mewgulf territory dominates here! 🙄🙄
5. kissing by EYE.. you need telepathy knowledge for it which only mewgulf have! (dont try at home)
6. you need to kiss asap.. but cant let people know it...so choose any object to deceive people!
7. "just kiss him already" type of kiss which every wanjai can relate
8. "chuuu" type of kiss ( let me know when mew gather up courage to kiss gulf anytime anywhere)
9. sly cunning fox only kiss like this & tease their fan....mewgulf are those sly cunning fox 😏
10. this kiss has no name....just watch it & let your single life mock you... 😭😭😭🤧🤧
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