Inspired by a tweet (gw lupa siapa orangnya btw), here are some of my own LINDY LIBRARY that I often revisited it from time to time.

1. Paul Graham - Lessons to Unlearn.

Somewhat ini relevan banget sama wajah pendidikan kita, dan juga western education in general 
2. Company culture-nya Netflix.

Now you know kenapa mereka bisa menjadi sedemikian besar dan berpengaruh ke kehidupan kita
3. Basic block building-nya chord jazz pada umumnya.

Sebenarnya notasi2 ngejelimet chordal jazz-nya dasarnya yha gini2 doang haha
4. If you need something that can make you run through the brick wall right now, or kalau pengen nyari sesuatu yang bisa bikin lo bergerak dan berkarya saat ini juga, this article might be help.

There's nothing more powerful than a doze of harsh truths
6. A guide to Personal Productivity

Honestly, in times like these, this stuff is much more relevant than before
7. Jonathan Kreisberg advice to young guitarist.

Purely gold effing gem right there
9. Honestly, I can name every @naval thread to put on this list, but if you're new to his wisdom, I recommended to start with this thread
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