"CIA Tried to Use {Jesuit}Georgetown Medical Center in 1950s" Washington Post, August 7th 1977
The Central Intelligence Agency sought to use {Jesuit}Georgetown University Medical Center to hide "a cover organization for highly sensitive projects' in "biological,chemical warfare
Many people do not realize that they were used in government experiments throughout the 50s through 90s. Most research documents were destroyed unlawfully in 1973 by Richard Helms, the C.I.A. director that ordered massive experiments on unwitting citizens to cover the C.I.A.’s
massive crimes when the Rockefeller Commission began investigations along-side congress.

Already Characterized:Rockefeller Commission Report : PROJECT MKIULTRA, THE CIA'S PROGRAM OF
PDF FILE: https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/hearings/95mkultra.pdf
Relevant quotes for this thread-- from the book: "Thy Will Be Done : The Conquest Of The Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil ,Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett , (1995) pg. 265, 266,505, 892
Pg.505: "Gottlieb's scientists at {Jesuit} Georgetown University Hospital, led by Dr. Charles Geschickter, had already bombarded the animals’ brains with radio-frequency energy waves until they fell unconscious....👇👇👇
P.265 transitioning into pg.266 "In May 1955,the CIA received a startling proposal to "provide for Agency Sponsored Research Involving Covert Biological and Chemical Warfare...👇👇👇
p.266: "hospital safehouse” with one-sixth of the building’s beds dedicated to the CIA, complete with cover for three CIA scientists and “human patients and volunteers for experimental use,” including the severely mentally retarded and terminal cancer patients...👇👇👇
pg. 892 "The CIA’s Morse Allen, who headed project ARTICHOKE, conducted Manchurian Candidate’ (ie, programmed assassin) experiments in 1954. In December, the same month Rockefeller was appointed to the Special Group, Director Allen Dulles shifted the project to...👇
MKULTRA TEAM" 👇👇👇 https://twitter.com/Urylle/status/1250352184794861570?s=20 Using Quotes from the book: John D Marks. The Search for the Manchurian Candidate'

PDF FILE: https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/12/129E144131F2E093FB1E441C737ACF92_SearchForTheManchurianCandidate.rtf.pdf
Pg.182: No mind-control technique has more captured popular imagination—and kindled fears—than hypnosis. Men have long
dreamed they could use overwhelming hypnotic powers to
compel others to do their bidding....👇👇👇
Pg.183: On February 19, 1954, Morse Allen simulated the ultimate
experiment in hypnosis: the creation of a "Manchurian Candidate," or programmed assassin. Allen's "victim" was a secretary whom he put into a deep trance and told to keep sleeping...👇
Pg.184: "The Agency plan was to hypnotize him
and program him into making an assassination attempt. He would then be arrested at the least for attempted murder and "thereby disposed of....👇
Pg.185: "CIA officials would recruit an agent in a friendly foreign country where the Agency could count on the cooperation of the local police force. CIA case officers would train the agent to pose as a leftist...👇
Pg.186: "They did a few basic experiments in the
office, as Morse Allen did, but they farmed out most of the work to a young Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota, Alden Sears. Sears, who later moved his CIA study project to the University of Denver...👇
Pg.187: Milton Kline, a New York psychologist who says he also did not want to cross the ethical line but is sure the intelligence agencies have, served as an unpaid consultant to Sears and other CIA hypnosis research...👇
Pg.188: "In Washington, the operators approached the TSS men about using hypnosis, backed up with drugs, to change the agent's attitude. They hoped they could instill in him the "ability or the necessary will" to hold up under questioning...👇
Pg.189: " In effect, they would be using hypnosis not as the linchpin of the operation, but as an adjunct to help motivate the agent...👇
Pg.190: "In October 1960 the MKULTRA program invested $9,000 in an outside consultant to develop a way of quickly hypnotizing an unwitting subject...👇👇
Pg.191: To the extent you let the agent choose, you
don't have control." He admits that he and his colleagues spent hours running the arguments on the Manchurian Candidate back and forth...👇
Pg.192: "Gottlieb still would have wanted to know what other uses the Russians might try. Certainly, he could have found relatively "expendable" subjects, as he and Morse Allen had for other behavior control experiments....👇
Pg.202: "at the Georgetown University Hospital in
Washington. In all, the Agency put $655,000 into Geschickter's research on knockout drugs, stress-producing chemicals, and mind-altering substances....👇
Pg.203: 'he hired Amazon men and women, plus at least two CIA paramilitary operators who worked out of Amazon offices in
Iquitos, Peru. They shipped back to the United States finds that included Chondodendron toxicoferum, a paralytic agent which is "absolutely lethal...👇
#RockefellerFamily #NewAge https://twitter.com/Urylle/status/1256721485739286530?s=20
Rockefeller Commission Report (CIA Activities)
by United States President's Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (1975)
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