A short thread on #Brexit, #COVID__19 and the #TransitionPeriod:

Why are UK Government Ministers all so certain that extension of the Transition Period is not necessary as a result of the current #coronavirus crisis is the UK?
Surely, the main job of governments is to always act in what they can demonstrate is in the best interest of their nation. In the UK, the first duty of all MPs is to ensure that the Government do that.

#COVID__19 has hit the UK after MPs were last asked their views.
So, at the very least, MPs should be demanding that the Government assess now whether it will be in the UK's best interest to #ExtendTransition so that extension could be requested before the end of June 2020. Tbh, it seems like a no brainer to extend.
It is clear that #COVID__19 will have economic impact everywhere. Why not extend our current relationship with our closest neighbours for as long as possible? Whether promised benefits of 'global trade' will come with Brexit or not it's clear now that C-19 changes things.
All MPs who want what is best for the UK should be calling for the UK Government to either #ExtendTransition or to demonstrate why not doing so is better. #coronavirusuk has changed the game and we'll need to work closely with our closest neighbours to recover together.
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