Epidemiology is a pseudoscience based on the astonishingly idiotic idea that diseases are programmed to spread & kill according to mathematical curves when there is absolutely no reason to believe this. But epidemiologist morons get paid more if they pretend it's true, so they do
The most important factor in a person contacting a disease is their own immune system & health.
Epidemiologists are completely blind to this. They pretend illness will march through a population according to predetermined curves they extrapolated based on bad data on early cases.
A healthy population would be largely unhurt by a virus, regardless of what its R0 is. An unhealthy population will be ravaged by a virus & will suffer from ill health even without a virus.

Nothing is preprogrammed by the R0.
Nothing in the scientific method bears any relation whatsoever to the masturbatory models of these failed mathematician dimwits. There are no hypotheses, no experiments, no falsification, & no possibility of learning from mistakes; just endless wishful math & no accountability
In 2001, this moron's garbage models led to the slaughter of 6m farm animals.
In 2002, he predicted up to 50,000 people would die from BSE. 177 died
In 2005, he estimated bird would kill 200m people. It killed 282
In 2009, he estimated swine flu would kill 60,000. It killed 457.
Why does anyone listen to this despicable piece of shit?

Because he works for a PR agency masquerading as a university research center, and it gets millions in funding from the WHO, Gates Foundation, CDC, and other outfits of epidemiological organized crime.
The most astonishing thing about the scam that is modern epidemiology is how they continue to predict calamitous epidemics & people believe them, when we have never had anything remotely close in peacetime, with modern sanitation. These deadly epidemics only exist in Hollywood.
The only deadly pandemic in modern times came at the end of World War I, when most the world didn't have sanitation. No pandemic since has killed more than pneumonia kills every year. But the epidemiologists still get paid to pretend their exponentials bear relation to reality
Deadly virus outbreaks that kill masses of healthy people have NEVER happened. The idea that viruses can decimate healthy populations is ridiculous science fiction & you only think it's possible because you watch Hollywood trash & read press-release science from junk media.
You can extrapolate any three data points exponentially, but math is no substitute for reason. Why should people get sick according to your equations? Why should this virus be so different from all others?
Why did Belarus, Turkmenistan, Nicaragua & Sweden witness no mass death?
An excellent conclusion to a review of Ferguson's code.

Insurance companies, facing real profit and loss considerations on the market, will never hire this type of pseudoscientific academic. Governments and international organizations like the WHO will.

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