So I thought I’d re-read the Bendis, New Avengers run, and as a prologue I read this for the first time ... and wow, they did Wanda wrong here. Honestly, pretty shitty way to treat a beloved character as your intro to a new book
I want to say the finale is a little bit than the rest of the story, they at least get the sombre tone right, but so much of what people say here does not feel right for those characters to me. And yeah, Wanda got screwed.
This is much better, and bringing back all the feels. I love the big time feel of this, and the breakout felt like such an original way to do it too. The banter between the characters is actually fun, and adds a note to the comics I feel like the MCU learned from.
Yeah, I loved that first arc (might explain why I appear to own every single variant of each one). Even David Finch, who I am NOT a fan of, is just on point here throughout. Really great superhero comics here. Looking forward to The Sentry arc next with McNiven’s silky styles.
This arc is just great. You can tell how much fun Bendis is having introducing The Sentry (and in such a clever way - The scenes with Emma Frost are so deftly handled). I love the old school variants they did here too (and the ways they are used in the story).
And I was just whining about stories that where characters meet their creators, but the way they use Paul Jenkins here is just perfect. I love when he faints. Almost an aside, but the scene with Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, & Wolverine taking down The Wrecker is perfect.
So, my New Avengers re-read has hit House of M, and this Olivier Coipel triptych cover is glorious.
Can we all just talk about the fact that THIS is Peter Parker in House of M, the AU where all the heroes get everything they ever wanted ...
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