Yugge Farrell was a successful Vincentian Fashion model that was poisoned. The rumors are she had sex with the minister or he asked her to have a threesome. She cussed his wife out and they threw her in a mental institution for 2 weeks. She came out never the same. https://twitter.com/jahdatta/status/1256316439532695552
This was the model years ago getting thrown back into the RH asylum not once not twice but THREE times. She pleaded not to go back but she had to undergo “psychiatric evaluation” for cussing at the ministers wife. She was forcibly injected with drugs that have altered her.
This is the minister Camillo Gonsalves rumors also say that he has done this before with many other women on the island but it’s not getting any widespread recognition... the power dynamic of all these stories are disgusting.
The government made fake emails making it seem like she was going to kill people on the island which was the excuse behind sending her to the Asylum for additional weeks. This is the model speaking about it before she was mentally changed forever.
This happened in 2018. After she was admitted 3 times they DROPPED all the charges but she left the asylum a completely changed woman. Her grandmother and mother state that they don’t even know who she is anymore.
The United Nations in 2013 published a report of Human Rights Violation towards women in St Vincent and the Grenadines in which they name the country of 110k people as the fourth worst country of reporting rape worldwide.
We are now JUST finding out about this because they were doing everything in their power in 2018 to not let this hit mainstream news outlets and social media. The government on the island does not care about black women and that has been VERY apparent.
Sum it up- she had an affair with the minister and when the wife found out they had a verbal argument where she cussed her out and was charged... in retaliation they threw her in a mental asylum and drugged her up so she wouldn’t be credible to testify in court.
Lastly, the minister was said to have cheated on his fiancé at the time with multiple women on the island Yugge was just the only one to cuss out his wife... imagine what the minister is doing to innocent women on the island based off this dynamic of power. Men disgust me.
Justice for Yugge Farrell #SayHerName
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