#MewGulf Fan Theory: a thread

After what happened to Mew's previous BL pair, Mew was cautious & hesitant bcoz he was painted as short-tempered & manipulative, & he was outed without his consent. He feared being too close to the wrong people again.
He feared: 1. Putting his trust & giving love to the wrong person; 2. That people believed he was a bad person & he would no longer have a career in acting.

The fear was crippling to he auditioned for the role of P'Sarn, settling for a minor role.
Perhaps it was his mix of fear, vulnerability & the courage to try again, but Mew was asked to audition for the role of Tharn. It was a surprise for him, knowing he was a bit old for the role. But he persisted.
Out of all the actors who auditioned, when they were asked to choose who was each other's choice for the best Tharn and Type, they chose each other. I believe this was fate because what are the odds thay the person you chose also chose you?
Mew is a perfectionist and he was his greatest critic, so he did his best for the role. He read the novel and dedicated time to flesh out Tharn.

Perhaps, Gulf seeing Mew's dedication, was inspired to do the same. It was his first major acting role after all.
To get comfortable, they had to get used to be in each other's personal space. The workshop was intended to do that. So they hugged, and they cuddled, and they held hands. It was for work, and #MewGulf want to deliver a good peformance.
Like moons to each other's planets, #MewGulf stayed in each other's orbits, but never fully in contact, because Mew was cautious & Gulf was in a relationship. It was a case of fate and bad timing.
The first #MewGulf they rehearsed a kissing scene, Gulf kissed Mew for real.

For Gulf, they were going to eventually kiss for real in the series anyway, so why not get that out of the way to lessen the awkwardness. That kiss became an unforgettable memory.
Mew is a naturally sweet and caring person, so it was normal for him to reach for Gulf for a hug or a cuddle.

At first, Gulf was shy and felt awkward, but that was the point of their workshop, to get used to each other's touch.
#MewGulf also had to rehearse how to caress the other's face without being awkward. They told Gulf to hold Mew's face as if it was a girl's, but Mew is too handsome to be pictured as a girl. 😂
Eventually, they got used to each other's constant presence and touch, so much so that when they're in the same room or place, they automatically gravitate towards each other.

Their co-actors noticed this, too. Where there is Mew, there's also Gulf & vice-versa.
Whenever they shot the NC scenes, both tried to laugh off the awkwardness and tapped each other on the back for the good takes.

The hardest ones to rehearse & get right were the crying scenes. When Type relegated Tharn to a fck buddy, Mew was crushed.
After filming the scene of Tharn crying to his brother, Mew was still visibly upset. Without any prompt from anyone else, Gulf reached out to Mew to comfort him with a hug, while wearing a shirt that said, "If lost, return to babe."
Off-cam, when they filmed the scene where Tar cornered Tharn, Mew hugged Gulf in front of Kaownah and Kok while they were sitting on the bed where the scene was shot.

Nobody flinched. It was now normal for #MewGulf to behave this way.
The 1st time they filmed the break-up scene when Tharn kneeled in front of Type, they failed to get the scene right. It was so emotionally charged so they wanted to do it justice. They had to do another workshop for the scene.
During the workshop, the break-up scene gutted both Mew and Gulf. Even after the rehearsal was done and the director was satisfied, both of them were still crying. And as per usual, they hugged because hugging each other gave them comfort.
The filming continued. In between takes, they stayed beside each other. Even if their moms were present during workshop or filming, they cuddled, and hugged, and Gulf sat on Mew's lap. When not filming, they played online games, texted & called each other.
Besides being clingy with each other, there were also times when they had fights. Mostly it was because Gulf dis something Mew did not like, and instead of telling Gulf about it, Mew sulked. Gulf didn't have any idea what he did wrong but reached out to Mew first.
Sometimes, the cast would tell Gulf that Mew was sulking. Gulf would reach out to Mew, act a little cute, maybe bring food, then everything was better.

There was one fight when Gulf sulked with Mew though.
Nobody knew the reason for the fight, but the gist of it was that Mew raised his voice on the phone with Gulf. This was before they filmed the scenes when Tharn met Type's parents.

They had to travel by boat, & it was very noticeable when #MewGulf did not sit together.
Those who know Mew from before knew that he had a temper, but Gulf wasn't a pushover & didn't like it when someone raised his voice against him. So he stood up for himself, and got mad at Mew.

It was all captured on film by Run who vlogged about TharnType.
But lo and behold, a few hours after they reached the resort, #MewGulf was again captured off-cam sitting beside each other and holding hands. 😂 They didn't even seem like they had a fight at all.
Despite their natural chemistry with each other, both were locked at a stalemate. They hugged and cuddled and kissed, and even had sleepovers, but they both recognized that these were all for work. Mainly because Gulf was tied up with his girlfriend and Mew was still scared.
A week after filming TharnType and sometime in the 2nd week of September 2019, Kazz Sports Day was held.
#MewGulf were both in the Blue Team and they were set to play against other teams.
Mew's former BL pair was there, too.
Mew visibly kept his distance. Both from his former BL pair and Gulf. This reminded him of what he experienced in the past and reinforced his walls.

Gulf, on the other hand, stuck to Mew's side throughout the event. He kept eyes on Mew's former BL pair and guarded Mew.
When the first episode of Tharntype aired, #MewGulf stayed up late to watch it and even held a live. While they sat beside each other in the same sofa, they weren't clingy. In fact, Mew leaned back & hugged a pillow almost all throughout the live while Gulf entertained the host.
Little did they know that in a few months, they were going to be the biggest BL ship in Thailand, and with millions of international fans from different countries.

It was also at this point in time that Gulf knew his relationship was fast going downhill.
On Gulf's first fan-meeting and birthday celebration, he felt awkward being alone on stage, entertaining a crowd he didn't think would turn up, and without Mew to help him.

They showed him a video message from Mew, and that made him feel Mew's absence all the more.
Lo and behold, while he was talking on-stage, he heard a very distinct and familiar voice singing the first few bars to TharnType's opening soundtrack.

A confused smile tugged on his face and he frantically looked around to see where, or from whom the voice came from.
The crowd also went wild as everyone recognized Mew's distinct voice.

Mew came to surprise Gulf on his first fan-meeting and birthday celebration.

Coincidentally, the song Mew sang that was part of TharnType's soundtrack was entitled "Be Mine".
For the next few months, they were whirled into a series of promotional activities for TharnType. So they had to be together most of the time. They had to wear matching outfits, stay close to each other, hug, cuddle, kiss, and act sweet.
It was so easy for Mew to pull Gulf close, but still he remained guarded, so whenever the fans asked for them to kiss, or if they want to see Mew carry Gulf in his arms, he always, always, always asked permission from Gulf.
Some time within Gulf's birthday and the New Year, something changed in #MewGulf. Gulf, especially.

Before he got close to Mew, Gulf was very shy and often sat alone in a corner.

Mew gradually coaxed Gulf out of his shell, often encouraging him to be more confident.
Mew teased Gulf but he was also encouraging, and under his care, Gulf bloomed.

Little by little Gulf also subconsciously began reciprocating Mew's touch, although his was more subtle. It started with a hand on the shoulder or back, a touch on the arm, a poke on the hand.
Completely taking everybody by surprise, #MewGulf went to the temple together with their families to celebrate the New Year.

This was huge & unprecedented because in Thailand, if a girl & a boy were to do this, it is equivalent to a public announcement of relationship.
As if that wasn't enough, #MewGulf counted down the seconds to the New Year together, and they shared those moments with their fans on IG.

One could not help but wonder, if this was just for publicity or fan-service, why involve your families together?
To add more fuel to the fire, the "brothers who love each other"spent Valentine's day in each other's company.

Get this: On Feb. 14, 2020, they had a TharnType fanmeet with their castmates in the morning. Mew had to leave early for his Ph.D classes from afternoon til evening.
When Mew's classes ended at 10PM that day, he fetched Gulf who was conveniently having dinner within the area with his family.

They spent the remainder of Valentine's Day together even though Mew had to fly out of the country first thing in the morning the next day.
If this was solely for fan-service, there were no managers, staff or cast-mates that were present that time.

If they were just after fan-service, they could have just taken a couple of photos, post it online and be done with it.
Even though their Valentine's Day was jam-packed & they could have chosen to rest seperately from each other, they chose to deliberately allot time for each other even if it was late already.

This makes one wonder, how far do they need to go for the sake of fan-service?
Their next public appearance together was for a television show.

Presented with two freshly laundered shirts and tasked to identify which was Mew's, Gulf was able to correctly answer by solely smelling both shirts.

This was both intimate and cute, and downright telling.
On Mew's birthday in February, Gulf had a solo fanmeeting scheduled, 2 hours away from Bangkok, so it was understandable if Gulf was unable to celebrate Mew's birthday.

You know what's not understandable for #MewGulf who claim that they are only "brothers who love each other"?
Mere "Brothers who love each other" don't arrive at each other's doorstep a little before midnight, still wearing their fan-meet outfit, just to wish the other a happy birthday.

And do you still go home that late when you can just sleep-over?
Oh, yeah, I should add that Gulf brought a salmon cake because it's one of Mew's favorites and prefers that to a normal sweet cake. Yes, okay, you are both just brothers who love each other. OKAAAAY.
You know what's even crazier?

The next day #MewGulf attended Mew's birthday merit together. With their Moms.

A birthday merit is supposed to be only for the birthday-celebrant. If the celebrant is married, then blessings are bestowed on them with their spouses.
During the merit, when Mew kneeled before the altar to receive blessings, guess who kneeled beside him?

Gulf fcking Kanawut, that's who.

But yes, they are just brothers who love each other.
At one point during the ceremony, Gulf asked to leave for a minute.

He returned with a cake and sang happy birthday to his "beloved brother" AGAIN.

Do brothers give this much effort to each other? Really?
Okay, let's backtrack a bit. #MewGulf often joke about Gulf asking for a 20M dowry as opposed to Type's 10M. This gets fans giddy, I get it.

But why complain to Gulf about the 20M dowry, saying Gulf couldn't even get pregnant if Mew hadn't seriously given it serious thought?
Okay, I didn't specify all the other little details since last year, but we're almost up to speed.

Gulf doesn't like sweets, but eats cake and strawberries when Mew feeds him. Mew doesn't like stir-fried basil pork, but cooks it because guess who likes it?
Ah yesss, they say that when you like a person and constantly spend time with them a lot, you slowly adapt their mannerisms.

Gulf's constant use of the "Tadaam" (or Tadaa!) expression comes to mind. Watch their KFC live last April.

Guess who he got it from?
At this point, when #MewGulf says they are brothers who love each other but laugh as if they know something we don't, I just feel like they're mocking us. 😂

Yeah yeah, I get it. They want to enjoy each other in private.
Then again, will wonders ever cease to exist?

God-tier top and certified-alpha male Mew Suppasit couldn't even look at Gulf straight in the eyes during the interview with Woody when they were asked to act out a sweet scene caressing each other's face and hair.
That was a huge change of pace, in my opinion, because Gulf took the lead.

It hits different when it's Gulf who gets possessive, initiates touches or teases Mew for a change. Mew becomes a panicked gay.

But why be a panicked gay for someone he only considers as brother? 🤔🤔🤔
Oh, oh, oh! And if you've seen the previous clips of Gulf caressing Mew's face and miserably failing at it, you'll realize that he now knows how to do it, and he does it very well, too.

Remember, Gulf used to be really shy and awkward with skinship.
Another really interesting point: In Thailand, I heard that the feet is considered as the dirtiest part of the body. So a kiss on the ankle like in TharnType bears a heavy meaning.

When Gulf was asked if he's willing to kiss Mew's ankle, guess who did not hesitate to say yes. 😉
Let's not forget the word "wuv". In interviews, they often say that they don't say the word "love" around becoz it loses its meaning if it said often.

So what do they do? They do practically everything else that says they romantically love each other except confirm it in words.
Another thing I noticed is this: Gulf always says he called Mew as Khun Pi or refer to him as P'Mew.

But I'm pretty sure I heard him refer to Mew as just "Mew" a few times in the recent interviews.

Sooo. Does this mean Phi is no longer just Phi in private?
When asked if Gulf snores. Mew answered "No". Dude, how do you know for sure? Unless he often sleeps over at your house which he now claims is "his house" & where he "moves in and out alternately".

Because really, the double-meaning of Gulf's innocent words kill me. 😂
#MewGulf has now forever tainted the word "Daddy" for me.

Let me just say that as opposed to Gulf's reason for calling Mew 'Daddy' which is that Mew is like a god-father/mafia boss protector, Gulf-sweetie, the word "Daddy" never had those connotations. It's just you.
I did not realize that this thread is too long already. 😂😂😂 Sorry!

So my theory is: somewhere along the way, Mew realized that Gulf wholeheartedly trust and believe in him, even with his past being made public and all, and accepted him for who he is.
And Gulf knew about Mew's past all along, but reserved judgment. He was initially quiet & reserved, & saw for himself who Mew really was. And he saw someone trustworthy, hard-working, caring and sincere.

He saw someone worthy of love and loyalty.
And for Mew, he saw Gulf as someone who thought of other people first before himself. He's simple, innocent, trusting, honest to a fault, and never harbored any ulterior motives. It is because of these that Mew is protective of Gulf.
Ever noticed how some relationships are like pushing a boat through sand? No matter how much effort one gives, it just doesn't work. This is how I see Mew's previous BL pair. Mew gave his all & got frustrated.

In contrast, #MewGulf bring out the best in each other.
Before, Gulf was really shy and Mew was hot-tempered, but now #MewGulf gave us cheeky baby Gulf and brought out protective Mew.

It was like they turned each other's obvious faults into something positive.
In conclusion, Mew and Gulf are amazing persons individually on their own, but together, they are magic.

If they do become a real-life BL power couple, I'd be very happy. If they don't, I just wish that they find their happiness, even if it's not with each other. ❤
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