Someone recently asked me what it was like to "Awaken" in Hellywood. That's a great question! So, I figured I'd jump on the answer, in more of a Cliff Note type of thread.
2) I graduated college in 1995 & I got a job at "The Jenny Jones Show" in Chicago. I spent 8 years there and worked my way up to become a Senior Producer. The show was the cancelled in 03' to make "TV Real Estate Space" for Ellen Degeneres. (Audience Boos)
3) "Shock-Talk" demanded many 100 hr work weeks & signing slave contracts to Warner Bros/Telepictures. Your Soul was the receipt a sizeable "Talk Show" paycheck. Not sure why they're called Talk Shows. We prepped our guests to scream & shout at each other for 42 min. of air.
4) So, the show was dumped in 03'. CBS then hired me as a Casting Director for "Big Brother 4." People thought it was such a big deal to work for a popular Prime time CBS show. Trust me! It wasn't. My job was to cast stereotypes who would... "Yell & Scream At Each Other!"
5) Went show to show. I had cast VH1's "Surviving Ted Nugent" where we literally almost killed a few contestants. Ted didn't seem to care. He spent most of his time bragging about George W. Bush being his buddy, and next door neighbor. Proof that not all (R)'s are awake.
Started producing TV again. Worked with illuminati's own Beyonce & Jay-Z before I knew what the word meant. Frequenting the same bars as H-wood Cabalists like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Sean Penn, & Johnny Depp was my norm. BTW... [THEY] have robot personalities. Weird!!!
Then I helped launch/produce "The Tyra Banks" daytime talk show. Not sure if she's "In The Big Club", as George Carlin would say. One thing's for sure, she's boring as sin. These people turn it on for TV, but when the lights fade; their persona shuts off at light switch speed.
I realized it was time to try to create my own shows. I was never meant to succeed. It's not about great ideas. The "[DS6] Conglomerate" needs full control. The more creative you are, the less likely they'll be able to control you and your content.
Why does the [DS6] need control? What about the TV audience? What about what they want? The [DS6]'s job is to manipulate the audience. If a show gains popularity, well that's good too. More books to cook, but it's ok. In the end, the TV agenda is mind control.
Have you seen Ellen's ratings. Same low ratings as when she started. Ellen's the quintessential [DS6] TV success. A perfect robot. Talking points & [DS] guests provided. Have you ever seen @realDonaldTrump or a celebrity Trumper on her Epstein island stage? Any offers?
What about movies? Same? No. Worse! Many movies are funded through cartels, foreign/domestic embezzlers, & $$ laundering. In fact, DiNero, DiCaprio, & Scorcese tried to launder approx. $1 Billion through "The Wolf of Wall Street" film, for a former Malaysian Prime Minister.
TV & Film are similar. They have the same agenda! Manipulate the viewer! Theater audiences are the [DS]'s favorite! From the large-scale "Illuminating" screens, to the ear buzzing Dolby Surround Sound as [THEY] slip in Low MGZ frequencies; it's The MK Ultra Agenda on Roids!
Back to TV! The first show I created was sold to CMT. It was called "Hillbillies 4 Hire". I created it as a development executive for a production company that went out of business mid sale. Perfect for them! I wasn't there to control it! No worries. I got more ideas.
Cut to the next development gig. I sold 2 shows to "Reelz" Channel in 9 months. I called the successful of the 2 "Hollywood Hillbillies." I like southern folks, what can I say. Highest rated show in network history! Company makes millions! Company sells to China. I'm fired.
Cut to next production company. 5 week trial. If I create a show, I get a full time gig. Created a show in 4 weeks called "Backyard Brain Busters." The Weather Channel bought 10 one our episodes. A show where DIY inventors tackle real environmental issues across the US.
We found ways to actually cut 90 % of the Coastal erosion that causes the Louisiana Coast to disappear every year. Ways to fight Megadroughts. Pitched to network. Not interested. Why? It interferes with politics & preset state funding for these issues. Keep Chaos. Makes $$!
Well I couldn't save the world with The Weather Channel. Get back to the office. The production company that hired me sold the company. Who did they sell to? The same Chinese Company!!!! The Wanda Group! BTW: They pretty much bought all of Los Angeles during this time.
2015: A girl I was interested invited me to a party at Jared Leto's house. I was a fan of his music. She warned me that it may get weird because he likes young girls, as in teenagers. I freaked out & declined her offer.

Jeff Coons bro? Bunny art? Marina?

I'm broke, but perception fool's gold in the Land of Make Believe. One of by best friends was a road chef for Britney Spears, Kristina Aguilara, Kiss, blah blah! He tells me to come to this address on Franklin street in H-Wood. Knock! Knock!
I knocked. Door opens. Jeremy Renner opens the door. I didn't know it was his house. He's wasted with a young lady who had just won a beauty pageant overseas. Brazil maybe.

Jeremy: "Who the F&CK are You?

Me: "I'm uhh.. Mike. Marlon's friend?

Renner stares me down. Marlon comes to the door. I walk in.

Small party. Renner, Charlize Theron, Chris & Liam Helmsworth, Sam Worthington & Brazil girl.

I did not belong here. Not because I'm not a celebrity, but because "This Was the Big Club, And I'm Not In It!"
Thor pokes fun at my sweater vest. He says, "Oh My God, A Sweater Vest? That's So American."

He introduces me to Sam and Liam. Sam was the most welcoming. I asked what he was drinking, He said he recently quit, & it became a problem.

Great! So glad I brought it up.
My friend Marlon asks if I'd like a vodka 7 Up. I say sure. He yells at Renner behind the bar, "Hey Jeremy! Can you get my friend Mike a Drink?"

Jeremy Responds with, "F#CK Him. F#CK You Too!"

He seems nice.
Charlize is wasted and definitely hates my guts from what I can tell. I walk over to make nice.

I say, "Wow! I Can't Believe Jeremy..."

She turns and walks away in a hateful manner.

"...Did All the Construction On This House.."

Hey Marlon? CYA!
1 Month Later. I'm James Evan broke! Many trips to H-Wood Blvd. w/ guitar. Singing for supper as thousands walk by the Chinese theater. Avg. $2 hr. Down the street is a Billboard of my hit show. Ironic?

For some reason, I never felt more free!

I was 42. Good Times!
Can't figure out why I can't make it in H-Wood anymore.
Some don't belong. Thank God!

A youtube video pops up on my side bar. "The Clinton Body Count"

Red Pill?? Nothing to Lose! Gulp.

BTW: Clinton body count is way more than 47.
An illuminati youtube clip pops up as something I may be interedasted in. Red Pill Engaged!

Wow! The music industry is the most populous of these soulless rats. Some born in. Some sold souls. Some compromised with video/photo proof of crimes.
Wrap Party. WQW! They invited me. I walk in to 50 people thanking me for creating the show & providing them with years of work.

Those kind words meant the world to me!

(See Reel of my show here)
I see a few execs in the corner laughing.

I ask, "What's so Funny?"

1 Execs says, "We Saw Your Deal-Memo. You Made Zilch! You're Just... Really Stupid?"

Laughter cont.

I laughed. Thinking of the inevitability of their town in flames. (Figuratively) 🎬
Pizza Gate? Handy Sooks? FFs? Recycled Crisis Actors! Learning truth at mach speed. Not just about conspiracies, but actor/actress [DS] clown reporters protecting pedos. Megyn Kelly's softball questions to James Alefantis was a disgrace!
By 2017 I was 1 day from being homeless. A great friend took me in.

Months later, Saw Q drops of HRC arrest. Didn't matter that it didn't happen. It being discussed and spreading like wildfire. The Start of something HUGE!
I was terrible at it. I looked at them here & there.
I was a closet Trump fan & felt a Q-onnection. You'd get lynched in LA if you spoke his name in public back then. I couldn't see why people hated a prez who arrests child traffickers like a lobster fisherman!
By Jan 2019, I got enough editing money to move back to my hometown (Chicago).
I always dreamed of exposing what I knew about H-wood and all the research I had done, but I needed a job soon! No better strategy than patience!
2019: Started working with my best friend's firm as a Bus. Development/PR Director.

Got back into Q daily by April. Then, I realized how many brave anons were on twitter exposing the [DS]. An Unstoppable Digital Army of Patriots W.W., United Against Evil. #QArmy
Some of our friends think were in a cult that worships letter "Q." Hilarious! At the same time they wonder how we know so much about what's really going on. One of my friends who is anti-Q, claims to be an "awake" Alex Jones fan. (Audience Boos)
Q is a part of our research. Great intel! Also, there are so many Indy news sources now, that we can actually use to discover even more factual info. No longer the days of relying on "The [DS6] Conglomerate" Fake News to manipulate us.
We are simply a group of investigative researcher journalists, doing our best to present facts utilizing multiple proofs as our ammo. A Digital Army of Patriots spreading truth in the war against evil.


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