1/ WTH? @TeamTrump Campaign goes full North Korea? That App Promo Video is literally what you can expect to see in Dictatorships & Cults. #Resist #Resisters #Resistance #TrumpIsAnIdiot https://twitter.com/parscale/status/1253314690022805504?s=20
2/ Not weird that the #TrumpLiesPeopleDie App uses #Phunware after seeing these slides! They're not hard to understand. Gives you a sense of total lack of privacy. Guess #TrumpCult users should be warned!
3/ #Phunware claims:

"Ability to collect Location Data from more than 1 Billion Active Mobile *Devices* per Month"

Said in 2019 when there was about 3.2 billions smartphones in the world.

So collecting almost 1/3 per month?

There's your #Trump & #PrivacyNotIncluded

👇 + 👇
4/ Package Analyze 1:

I'll try to answer questions!

*SERVICES - Pic. 4*
Eight (8) from #Phunware including Location Tracking in Picture 4


Can be exploited. Impossible to know since #Trump2020 App is not FOSS.
5/ Package Analyze 2:

It's strange to have a person's name on the certificate when it's developed by a company on:

1. Issuer name
2. Subject name

Instead of uCampaign we get Thomas Peters!

Does he sit with the certificate and must personally sign any #Trump2020 App Update? 🤔
7/ It seems like #Phunware has good developers. They offer Services for Apps and Websites.

The Problem: #TrumpIsNotADoctor App could've used Google's Firebase instead. Available for iPhones too. One can check if a Data Protection Officer is recommended using Google's Tools.
8/ Store:

1. Oh darn!
2. No thanks Political App

Be aware that the permissions under "Other" don't need user approval. For most apps this is fine.

Not sure why the #TrumpVirusCoverup App would want to pair with Bluetooth Devices. More Location Beacons as seen in the slides?
9/ Here are all the #Phunware promotional slides.

Use Incognito Tab/Window! Then cookies isn't a problem after closing it. https://phunware.docsend.com/view/m7t2jix 
13/ There is a connection between #Phunware and Cambridge Analytica. In 2019 Phunware announced Brittany Kaiser joined their Board. It was a lie. They hid they were working for #Trump - so SHE decided NOT to join the firm because it agreed to serve #Trump2020 re-election efforts.
14/ Package Analyze 3:

#TrumpOwnsEveryDeath App has Google's Firebase for Analytics, Crashlytics & Push Messaging. Normal. But ads?

Then Facebook. Seems for Tracking too, not just Login.

All this seems excessive if #Phunware Promo Slides are true.

The Whole Package!

👇 + 👇
15/ Apple App Store:

1. Join The Official Army For #Trump
2. Medical Treatment Information
3. Alcohol, Tobacco or Drug Use/References
4. Use Your Location even when it isn't open
5. Earn Points to Redeem Awards and Upgrade your Experience!

Be 17+

iPhone: 68.7 MB
iPad: 35.6 MB
17/ App Statistics:

1. Both with rating = 3.8
2. Google Play ratings = 3.6K
3. Apple Store ratings = 2.2K
4. Google Play downloads = 100K+
5. Apple Store downloads = N/A
6. Ratings indicate most use Android

Most 1⭐ or 5⭐ ratings, showing #Trump division. Reviews concerning.
18/ This makes NO sense:


#TrumpIsAnIdiot #TrumpCult App is apparently published by the same developer. Same email.

Privacy Policy:

On Google Play, uCampaign 2018: https://www.ucampaignapp.com/privacy.html 

On Apple Store, Official Campaign 2020: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/privacy-policy/ 

19/ Regarding #Trump2020 re-election & the "Join The Army For Trump". It is happening right now for #TrumpIsAnIdiot ! How many are inspired by content constantly published in the #Phunware app?

This Thread explains it very well & WORTH a minute reading
👇 https://twitter.com/JYSexton/status/1256225261483438080?s=20
20/ Uber Lawsuit against #Phunware

Long. Important stuff Highlighted!

"Much of traffic Phunware purchased for Uber was through prohibited auto-redirects w/o user having made conscious choice. Phunware knew such auto-redirects were prohibited by Uber"
👇 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sxf3eKcvWMmWt5lutDJaLqB0_pKaYhE5/view?usp=drivesdk
21/ #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath

"Phunware hardcoded dozens of app names in TUNE to falsely appear as ads that were actually running on prohibited porno sites had actually appeared in innocuous apps. Info in publisher_sub_placement_name sent to Uber. Info in referral_url column NOT"
22/ #Trump2020

"Knitowski directed discussions regarding matter of fraud be conducted by ephemeral apps (where messages disappear), email servers outside Phunware, or in person/phone. Wanted to maintain plausible deniability when execs discussed certain aspects of the fraud"
24/ #TrumpIsAnIdiot

"Brad Parscale, who just a few years ago was designing websites in San Antonio for Trump's properties, among other clients, the sudden wealth has afforded him a $2.4 million waterfront house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida"

He has strong ties to #Phunware
25/ #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath #Trump2020 #Trump

Link in Number 23.

"Campaign & the RNC have, since took office, raised combined $889M & spent $746M. Despite, Trump remains as unpopular as he ever was. Campaign chief bought a waterfront house, a $400K boat, a Ferrari, condos & more"
26/ #TrumpIsALaughingStock

This #Trump2020NowMoreThanEver corrupt @parscale - as mentioned many times above - won't stop. This & his replies are ridiculous!

Latest tech from failing #Phunware ? 😂 https://twitter.com/parscale/status/1258388669544759296?s=20
28/ #TrumpMeltdown #TrumpGenocide

Why @TeamTrump and @Parscale chose #Phunware tech In-App? First published on both App Stores August 2016?

Despite @Phunware CEO's claim in the Tweet above: The stock of #Phunware last was worth just above 1 on February 28th? Way down since!
29/ #TrumpVirus

With ALL the DIRT in Number 20 (PDF) @phunware can go down hard in Superior Court of California.

If I were @TeamTrump I'd recode, since #PrivacyNotIncluded but #Phunware is.

Trial scheduled to commence September 21, week 39. Week 40 is also a key week.
👇 + 👇
30/ #TrumpVirus #Phunware

Pieces from @ucampaignupdate Privacy Policy in Number 18:

So Number 8 and 14 = True

"Sharing info collected via nearby Bluetooth proximity beacons. Note that if you disable sharing of location information, you may be unable to access features"

🔢 👇
31/ Just like the #Trump failure during #TrumpPressConf it seems like #Phunware is up for failure at NASDAQ, @TeamTrump

"Closing bid price of the Company's common stock must be at least $1 for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days until the Compliance Date (December 28)"
32/ @TeamTrump #Phunware #TrumpIsALaughingStock

Promo Video lies. Says "Join Millions".

* Android app = 4.1K ratings (majority)
* Apple app = 2.9K ratings (minority)
* Google Play Downloads = 100K+
* Apple Store Downloads = N/A

Hasn't even reached level 500K on majority OS
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