Native Americans raised a huge amount in famine relief for Ireland at a time when they had very little. It's time for is to come through for them now.
Just scanning through the most recent donations: Twomey, Hanrahan, Casey, Tulley, O'Leary and Munro 👍
Oh my god it just keeps going 😭
A thread on solidarity between Ireland and Native Americans here
We told the backstory of the Kindred Spirits sculpture in Cork, which recalls the 1847 donation of famine aid to Ireland from the Choctaw nation, at minute 42:00 in our @PassportIrish episode on the Great Hunger here:
I just interviewed a Navajo lady who is one of the organisers... She was crying, I was crying... Story coming soon
“We noticed that we were getting a lot of donations from Ireland so we were wondering why. Sorry I get emotional talking about this part,” Ms Begay broke off. “And I learned about what the Choctaw did for the Irish people, and it was so beautiful”
My story
The Chief of the Choctaw Nation Gary Batton has sent this message:
"We are gratified—and perhaps not at all surprised— to learn of the assistance our special friends, the Irish, are giving to the Navajo and Hopi nation."
Well this went off the charts
A message from the Navajo nation's attorney general with cĂșpla focail as Gaeilge no less.
The connections are deeper than you might expect!
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