I’ve never felt more useful in #CLpsychiatry than during #COVID19- a thread: https://twitter.com/jack_turban/status/1256609103314587648
#CLpsychiatry is who you call when your pt needs psych hospitalization but are admitted to a medicine isolation bed, bc psych units are built for #mentalhealth not #socialdistancing
#CLpsychiatry is who you call when your pt is wildly delirious from the brain effects of #COVID19 and you need help managing their confusion, agitation, anxiety, low mood, and poor sleep (all side effects of #delirium)
#CLpsychiatry is who you call when your #COVID19 pt is finally coming off the ventilator after weeks on it and they’ve developed a tolerance to sedation and is having withdrawal agitation
#CLpsychiatry is who you call when your pt’s anxiety or depression has gotten much worse since #COVID19 and it’s getting in the way of their treatment
#CLpsychiatry is who you call when your intellectually disabled or autistic pt gets #COVID19 and behaviorally decompensates, and everyone thinks it’s agitation but really they are struggling with the complete destruction of structure
#CLpsychiatry is who you call when your underserved pts become even more underserved in the era of #COVID19 with already crumbling mental health and substance treatment systems
#CLpsychiatry is who you call when your healthcare workers are struggling with the unprecedented unrelenting stress of #COVID19 and needs #emotionalPPE bc we already think of things from a systems perspective
#CLpsychiatry is what I do, what all psychiatrists get training in, and what our healthcare system needs more than ever during #COVID19. So no, I don’t feel useless ☺️
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