The Government of India has boosted the "Make in India" initiative in the health sector to cope up with the rising demands of the equipments because of Covid 19.The production has increased as show in the figures below.
(Source PIB)
Earlier the PPE kits and N95 were imported from China, but in the recent cases we have seen maximum of them were faulty Or defective which were procured. So instead the Government decided to make them in our country.
They understood time cannot be wasted in relying on procurement procedure due to the seriousness of the situation . Our Covid warriors are in huge numbers in the front line, so they are in desperate need of it.
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So in order to seal this shortage and meet the demand, the production is increased. So in future we can say that we will not rely on outside countries and we will be manufacturing all essential items in our country according to the "Make in India" project.
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