blackpinks mistreatment - a thread
i in no way hate anyone in this thread except for yg i just use others to compare the treatment they get from yg vs what blackpink get
i’m not saying these groups don’t go through hardships or don’t have the same/ similar problems either
1. trainee days/ pre debut to debut:

• monthly evaluations: which had one dance song, one solo song, and one group song (they also needed to do the choreo, find outfits, do MRs)

• weekly evaluations: they had to film videos that for vocals, popping dance, and krumping dance
• individual photos: taking photos is also very stressful with all of the lights and stuff on you plus everthing else that they had to do that month on their minds
• i don’t know if this still continues but the members said that they used their bodies to make SOS signs so yg can see (because he’s watching them on camera) because they wanted to have a rest because they were too tired to continue

(link to vlive in next tweet+)
• blackpink was supposed to debut in 2014 but it got delayed to 2016
• rosé never got promotional videos like jennie, jisoo, and lisa
• we were promised 8 songs and we only got 4
• forever young was recorded in 2015
• hope not was created before blackpink even debuted
forever young being recorded outside of ygs building in 2015:
2. not being credited:
• stay- both jennie contributed to writing it so did jisoo (not sure if her part was in it)
• aiyl (lisa’s rap part)- both the japanese version and korean version were written by lisa
• solo- jennie contributed to lyrics, choreo, & concept for everything
3. lack of comebacks
(this doesn’t include jennies solo, kiss and makeup, and the upcoming collab with lady gaga)

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the members beg for two comebacks a year and they can barely get that
other examples of blackpink shading the fact that they don’t have a lot of music:
here’s a thread with lots more examples
blinks have sent trucks to yg to try to fix some of their mistreatments but nothing got done+
the demands and then ygs response
yg also promised a solo for rosé after jennie and rosé has said that she’s been working on it, but it’s nowhere in sight
it’s been a year since she’s said that she’s been trying to get her solo out and nothing++
she did an ig live where she said she was working on her solo, and we haven’t heard anything since
other artists have even questioned there lack of music
4. holding back blackpink from collaborating
ex 1: steve aoki said he CONTACTED yg but he never returned his calls
ex 2: tommy brown is a producer that works with ariana (and other artists) said on a live “i love blackpink and had the opportunity to record with the group...”
he got a chance to record with them so why didn’t they collab???
and so much more so here is a thread of its own
5. not paying equal
sorn (from clc) says that foreign members get paid less and for her personally it was 6 times less than the other members
and this goes for other idols like lisa and bambam (of got7)
and they even have a gc together to talk about this kind of stuff
6. not treated equal with bgs
• bgs get videos for covers when bp just get pictures
• bgs get (except treasure) more comebacks, freedom, credit (except b.i. didn’t recieve credit), more promotion, etc.
• treasure got a costume dance practice, a 4k dance practice, and a vertical cam when bp (which are their seniors) never got anything like that
• ygs bgs usually get more effort put into their stages
• jisoo was cropped out of the picture in the adidas website, had no solo poster, was cut on the group poster, and didn’t get a solo picture
yg never made a statement or tried to fix anything, once again it’s blinks trying to get the things done
• jisoo (the visual) has never been in the thumbnail to mvs and it’s always been all the members, lisa, jennie, or rosé
• more examples of jisoo being excluded
• lisa had to go through an alarming amount of racist comments in a period of time where bambam from got7 under jyp ent. spoke up on it but the company never did or took any sort of legal action
TW// body shaming
• all of the members have gotten way too much body shaming
• yg also over works the girls when he shoves a comeback in their faces even though they’ve had a year since their last one
• yg had originally tweeted that they were honored for a bp achievement but then had to delete it because blinks got mad so they retweeted it saying bp was honored (they couldn’t even tag them 🙄)
TW// mention of abuse
• the creator of the song ktl mentioned that the song wasn't written about domestic abuse but yg never spoke up about it and the creator even said that she's speaking for herself because she can't speak on behalf of the company because he doesn't speak up
• when they do have a stage to perform there is always something that goes wrong
ex: here there were so many outfit and microphone malfunctions for a 4 minute perofrmance of one song in just a cage
• we’ve never gotten a letter from yg about when they have issues we only hear it from them
examples: when jennie hurt her ankle but we onlybheard of it long after the situation had passed or another time with jennie when she’s had incidents with her motion sickness
• a fake mr removed video with 3 mill+ views and more likes than dislikes with a bunch of hate comments is still up and yg just let’s all these things happen with no legal action or helping
• jennie not getting as much rap time
• jisoo not getting enough lines
• rosé the vocalist not having a solo
• lisa not getting a dance break
• the more “vocal song” didn’t include much vocals from the vocalists
• yg also never took any legal action or spoke up about the “l*zy jennie sc*andal” which everyone continues to hate on her for but if yg spoke up or let jennie tell her side then she would’ve gotten a lot less hate
• the jennie b*llying “sc*andal”
this was proved wrong once mr. lee came forward and said that he made the rumors and they were false and he’s a yg hater
guess who never really spoke up about this... yg!
yg didnt even notice that blackpink was there and didn’t make his kids greet blackpink which is rude for children not to at least say hi
he really thinks so low of them
forever young was also supposed to have a mv but we never got it :((
yg let se*ngri just let him🙂-
yg can’t even have one copy of the albums for a v live... like you knew it was coming so why did you not have at least one prepared???
• the pre-order links only came a couple hours before the release
• they also have no promotions or any events so they have to get put on shows by making the arrangements themselves
• they got their comeback pushed back AGAIN...
• they’re having auditions but can’t even take care of bp (and their other groups as well)
• d4 was supposed to have a dance break for lisa and yg choose not to include it so lisa can’t get the spot she deserves
• hopefully she’ll actually get therapy his betrayal can really eff with her
• they have plenty of time to make teasers yet it looks like it was done from pics art...
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• yg also never included jisoo so blinks trended ‘ #jisoodeservesbetter ‘ so yg finally changed it
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