"We are opposed around the world by a monolithic & ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influenceโ€“on infiltration instead of invasion"

-โ„™๐•ฃ๐•–๐•ค๐•š๐••๐•–๐•Ÿ๐•ฅ ๐•๐• ๐•™๐•Ÿ ๐”ฝ. ๐•‚๐•–๐•Ÿ๐•Ÿ๐•–๐••๐•ช

Pt 3 Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick

This thread continues on from Part 2 of my expose on the world's most powerful families, their organizations, their networks & stated objectives for the future of our global civilization:

Pt 1 is linked in the second tweet of this thread

Let's get to it https://twitter.com/DrutangAtHome/status/1250856816508121091?s=20
The title of this thread is a tribute to one of the greatest documentaries ever put together.

Watching this was one of the major keys to my awakening to the true nature of the global power structure and its operations.

I can not endorse it enough:
So what does this phrase mean exactly?

"Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick"

Which rich men?

Monopoly holders of our economy, not evil masterminds hiding in the shadows

But GREAT men, who are publicly awarded, showered with praise by the media, & "give away" billions of dollars
Yes, these are our most powerful bankers, industrialists, and tech geniuses

Throughout the ages these families have accumulated power and, in JFKs words have:

"Conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine"
We've covered how these robber barons have used

"Charitable Foundations"

To fund/advance their agenda

Rockefellers, Gates, Turner, Soros all huge


Honored by the Carnegie Foundation, the same that funded the ERO that introduced forced sterilization in the US
This leads us to the next question:

What is "Everything" that is their "Tricks"

Well, they are some of the biggest events and social issues of our day.

They are Problems, presented to the public to create a certain Reaction so that a pre-made Solution can be offered
Take for instance, the Rockefellers, who funded both the US & Nazi

"Eugenics" programs

After WWII started the "Population Council" to focus on

"Population Control"

Why did the pop need to be controlled??

It was "destroying" the environment, thus was born

This group seems to have 2 goals:

1. Centralize global power COMPLETELY

2. Keep the population a manageable size, most importantly AFRAID (of impending doom, nuclear war, climate apocalypse) & DIVIDED (political parties, racial tension)

Founder of CNN Ted Turner is very clear:
Bill Gates of course (a bonified Technocratic christ in today's mainstream culture) is concerned about the population as well

Despite a $5Billion budget, his foundation only spends 650k on things like clean water, hygiene, nutrition, & economic development

His focus?

The last man in that picture

George Soros

Who has the 2nd largest foundation after Gates, funds many of our controversial social movements & democratic campaigns

He has been known to crash whole countries' economies

I think this 60 minutes interview explains his ideology well
But if there was such a global cabal of the super-rich all working together for covert goals while posing as benevolent


How do they get away with it?

Well take a look at how ABC covered one of their secret gatherings that included Oprah, Bloomberg & Buffet
With Oprah in attendance here & the event being framed as a meeting of the "super friends" it is obvious this group has deep contacts within Hollywood/the news media

We covered CIA's Project Mockingbird, but that was in the 70s, certainly our media isn't taking orders NOW right?
Ironically, that copy/pasted script tries to warn their audience about people like me sharing info on social media

While taking direct orders to propagandize, they claim I'M a threat to our democracy

Obama repealed the Smith-Mundt act of 1948, legalizing domestic propaganda
"Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised"


Fitting that the CIA would popularize the term

"conspiracy theorist"

To discredit those questioning the official story of his assassination
You can see that document is labeled


Short for

psychological operation

Besides this, has the CIA been known to run any more of these operations?

Yes, another program was discovered by the Church Committee in 1975 in addition to Operation Mockingbird:

Project MKUltra
MKUltra was a continuation of the Nazi human experimentation programs conducted by scientists brought over by our friend

Allen Dulles

& was initiated under his leadership at the CIA

Among other things this project focused on discovering how to brainwash or


Dulles was simply copy & pasting Nazi programs

Mockingbird mirrored the Nazi propaganda tactics, MKUltra was a continuation of their psychological warfare experiments, & it's sister program:


Was a continuation of Nazi biowarfare programs
So how did they get away with such programs?

Well, just like with the Nazis, in general, we have one family to thank:

The Rockefellers

Who not only trained the Nazi biowarfare scientists at their institutions but also RAN THE INVESTIGATION INTO THE CIA

Rockefeller Commission
The head Nazi biowarfare expert was brought to the US in Operation Paperclip. He was trained at the Rockefeller Institute for medical research under

Richard Shope

the man who discovered the first human virus and identified the "Spanish Flu" that caused the pandemic of 1918
So once again, we must ask ourselves:

What type of people can bring themselves to carry out such evil?

For that, we can look at who Eric Traub reported to in the Nazi SS

Known occultist and owner of Wewelsburg Castle (which features multiple ritual chambers):

Heinrich Himmler
What kind of rituals were taking place here?

For this, let's ask someone who's been there and performed such a ritual

Michael Aquino

US military psychological warfare operative, author of "From PSYOP to Mind War", member of the Church of Satan, and founder of the Temple of Set
Given what we know about the deep ties between the Skull and Bones and the SS, it's fair to assume they share these occultic beliefs.

Where else do we find elite occultic rituals?

The Bohemian Grove

Which has had such members as Ronald Reagan

Recording of a ritual from 2000:
Oh but surely, even if Skull & Bones member George HW Bush, Satanist Aquino, & Bohemian member Reagan perform rituals, its not like they hurting anyone!!

Well actually all 3 were caught up in the

"Franklin Coverup"

Where young foster boys where trafficked to elite sex parties
These kids were taken from Nebraska's "Boystown" foster home to elite sex parties, even to the White House

Not only did the head of the investigation committee drop dead so did a dozen more people involved in the case, including Rusty Nelson, who pinned Aquino as a participant
You might have heard of this case if not for the Discovery channel pulling it's documentary

"Conspiracy of Silence"

From it's schedule after it was already included in the TV guide.

Luckily a member of the production team managed to leak a copy online:
I would highly recommend you take the time to watch that documentary.

And if you still can't comprehend the legitimacy of elite satanic ritual abuse then you should watch the recently released viral sensation

"Out of Shadows"

Which covers all of this:
After the Epstein case, elite child sex trafficking is not seen as as much of a joke as it used to.

Where else do we find evidence of occultic rituals and sexual abuse?

The 2016 John Podesta Wikileaks emails, which include a Spirit Cooking invitation from one Marina Abramoviฤ‡
These are the same emails that


emerged from (Covered at 55min mark in doc above)

While claiming to not be a satanist, Marina could've sure fooled me.

What is a "spirit cooking" performance you ask? Well it involves a mixture of bodily fluids, see for yourself
What other types of activities does Marina enjoy?

Well for one thing she's a big fan of throwing mock cannibalistic dinners for her elite friends like Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Jacob Rothschild

Most recently she starred in a commercial for MICROSOFT, that was quickly taken down lmao
While these occult groups are sometimes referred to as

"Secret" Societies

In all reality, as we have covered in this thread, they ALWAYS hide in plain sight, communicating to those "in the know" with dog-whistle gestures

Makes them and their agenda easy to identify lol
The combination of esoteric ritual, the psychology teachings of Bernay's "Propaganda", & subconscious programming of MKUltra are all utilized by our

"Rich Men" in order to get away with their "Tricks"

By laying out their symbols in plain sight, we become comfortable with them
Above is a symbol of the Freemasons, who believe their ideology to have originated with the pyramid builders themselves.

The "Eye of Providence" represents their concept of God, who they call the

"Great Architect"

Who watches over and guides humanity.

They are his servants.
This brings us home to their ultimate modern example of hiding in plain sight:

The Georgia Guidestones

Crafted by the Freemasons of Elberton, Georgia.

Masonry was founded in 1717 as a guild of stonemasons & has included founding fathers and members of royalty among their ranks
You can see on level 18 the

"Knights of the Rose Croix"

This group is also known as


You may have heard of them earlier in this thread as

"R.C. Christian"

A document was discovered in 2015 at Coggins Industries in Elberton that links RC directly to this group
The Rosicrucians goal is to prepare humanity for the coming new age

In that document above, it mentions keys that will be placed in proper sequencing to signal events of prophecy

On Sept 11th 2009 a cube was removed from the stones, and was replaced with another in 2014
Here we find several important fingerprints:

1. The cube reads 8/14/2016, but only if read counterclockwise

2. That is the date that the"Tisha B'av" or "9th of Av" fell on that year, which is a Jewish day of fasting when they solemnly commemorate the falling of the 2 temples
Here we find the concept of


The practice of taking all that is holy and desecrating it, feasting on days of fasting, flipping the cross upside down, making all that is evil sacred.

That is why the 9th of Av is the biggest holiday of the Sabbatean Frankist cult
The leader of this cult, Sabbatai Zevi, was BORN on the 9th of Av, and in 1666 was arrested in Turkey for his satanic teachings.

His name literally means "Saturn", which itself is where the word "Satan" is derived from.

Cubes and Saturn are the keystones https://twitter.com/NickHintonn/status/1151986453569605632?s=20
Sabbatai believed by doing evil he would force the end the of the world, & in 1666 he escaped death by "converting" to Islam

Just like he pretended to be a Jew while being the opposite

This is the true nature of our rulers

Not Christians, Jews or Muslims

They are the opposite
This is why Himmler started his

"Final Solution" AKA the Holocaust

on the 9th of Av

Av is the 11th month is the Jewish calendar

This is why the 11th of our 9th month was chosen for the falling of OUR two temples (towers) and the removal of the first cube of the Guidestones
Here we find ourselves at possibly their largest trick of the 21st century


Orchestrated by this same cabal, headed by the same Nazi supporting, CIA directing, Skull and Bone member filed family, the Bushes.

Who built the Twin Towers?

None other than the Rockefellers:
This of course is the reason that the 9/11 memorial is a cut out of two black cubes

There's even a new World Trade Center Performing Arts center in construction that is a cube.

The main feature of the memorial area is the


Which means "an eye", and it's shaped like 1
We'll be going into more detail on 9/11 in the next part of this thread, for now you can read about it in one of my previous threads

Alright, so before we wrap up pt 3, we'll cover their most recent 9th of Av celebration:

The "suicide" of Jeffery Epstein https://twitter.com/DrutangAtHome/status/1171652481144766469?s=20
Less than 2 weeks before Epstein's death, Hollywood released

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

The climax occurs on the eve of Aug 8th, going into the morning of Aug 9th, where Satanists go on a murder spree

August 10th was the 9th of Av 2019, & the day Epstein was found dead.
Billboard above was to protest how the film glorified convicted child sex abuser Roman Polanski & was the only film Tarantino had created without the help of convicted rapist

Harvey Weinstein

Of course, is the core of the Epstein saga:

Elite Pedophilia https://twitter.com/DrutangAtHome/status/1161298044014477312?s=20
Well, that about wraps up part 3.

Part 4:


Will begin shortly and will cover the hours of predictive programming media inserted into our mainstream culture to prepare the public subconscious to accept our current situation without question.

Stay tuned friends:
Part 4 starts here https://twitter.com/DrutangAtHome/status/1258367516834959360?s=20
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