Tweeting @Marvel every day until they let me intern for them: a thread
Day 2: Hey @Marvel @MarvelStudios can I pretty please intern for you?🥺👉👈
Day 3: hey @Marvel @MarvelStudios if you’re looking for a new intern I’m your gal pls and thank u hehehe love u bae
Day 4: hey @MarvelStudios @Marvel wyd
Day 5: @MarvelStudios @Marvel spare job please😔🤲🏻
Day 6: @Marvel @MarvelStudios what it do babyyyy can I mop your floors
Day 7: hey @Marvel @MarvelStudios it has been a full week pretty please hire me thank u
Day 8: @Marvel @MarvelStudios Tony Stark once said “I don’t like being handed things” but fortunately I DO like being handed things! Like paperwork or an internship. Just a thought
Day 9: @Marvel @MarvelStudios me want job pls
Day 10: @MarvelStudios @Marvel been really vibing to this song lately you should check it out!!!
Day 11: @Marvel @MarvelStudios if I can’t have an internship can I play older Morgan stark pls
Day 12: can’t believe I forgot to post yesterday. This is so sad. Beginning to lose hope. Mr Stan Lee wouldn’t want this. @Marvel @MarvelStudios pls let me work for you
Day 13: double whammy today bc I forgot yesterdays😔 @Marvel @MarvelStudios do u need someone to get your coffee or something? Let me know
Day 14: @Marvel @MarvelStudios it’s my moms bday today. As a present to her, can I have a job so I stop bugging her about this thread? A win for everyone. Thank u😌🤝
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