hehe bored so i’ll try to do this :P i’ll probably forget tomorrow but 30 days of kpop thread!
song that got me into kpop: the 7th sense by nct u
last kpop song i listened to: 7 days by nct dream uwu plus all of reload
song that has to be blasted: feel special by twice
song from a girl group: would you stay for tea by hello venus
also saw that this was released 7 years ago today???? one of my favorites from them, i miss them so much
song from a boy group: going crazy by up10tion
song by a soloist: it’s my mind by nc.a with yezi and le! this isn’t technically a solo song but i love nc.a and this song so much 😔 please understand
song in japanese: suki to iwasetai by izone
no surprises! i love this song more than anything! stop sleeping on their japanese songs
song in chinese: moonwalk by wayv
girl group mv i like: violeta by izone
(i missed a day im so sorry)
boy group mv i like: blood sweat & tears (japanese version) by bts
this is the prettiest mv ever! even though i have no clue what the fuck is happening 😌
favorite debut song: into the new world by girls’ generation
song from my favorite group: just one day by bts
song from an underrated group: bbyong by saturday
song with a number in the title: 1, 2, 3 by nct dream
aka one of my favorite songs ever
song with a color in the title: red sun by gwsn
song that makes me happy: up by izone
song that makes me sad: meaningless by woodz
a close runner-up is fairy by dvwn 🤓
song from a soundtrack: sweet night by v
song with a feature: touch by sori ft. basick
song that reminds me of spring: would u by red velvet
song that reminds me of summer: rolling rolling by 1team
song that reminds me of fall: la vie en rose by izone
song that reminds me of winter: candelight by nct dream
however! can be played all year round, it’s just so good. also,, best mv ever? i think so
song from disbanded group: i mean by uni.t
this is one of the best gg songs and nobody can tell me otherwise 😐 stan uni.t
favorite song released in the past year: i’m here for you by x1
it would be a crime for me to not have an x1 song in this thread so here !🥰 have fun sobbing
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