Wenseul making each other flustered or experiencing gay panic: a thread
when wendy decided its cool to do mic check at seulgi's mic
seulgi's mic didn't work and wendy just have this great idea by offering her mic so seulgi can talk

and seulgi smoothly avoiding it https://twitter.com/KINGJ0Y/status/1033646926049234945/video/1
seulgi asking wendy to meet up (having the same meaning as to start dating) and wendy got confused by it and asking "what do you mean" and seulgi answered "you and me" and wendy just got herself all flustered
seulgi dabbing wendy's sweat at her neck and just goes straight to it without sending warning and look at our poor hamster reaction
seulgi's mind short-circuited once she finding out that wendy's face is too close once she turned around
when seulgi announced to the whole world that wendy's aegyo is for her and her only
wendy really tried so hard to not look at seulgi's aegyo LMAO
wendy's bangs flew after seulgi did her aegyo https://twitter.com/redseulvel/status/1031734375443050497/video/1
apparently wendy didnt know how to react from seulgi's aegyo she decided to slam the table
ofc the legendary knowing bros one
its not flustered or gay panic but seulgi is willing to protect wendy bcs of her fingernails and look at her face
this one when they just,,, flustered with each other (lets count it as flustered shall we?)
it wasnt flustered or gay panic yes i know but its just too cute to be left out in this thread đŸ„ș
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