I’ve seen too many pics of parks etc that use lenses this way. These two pics show the same people at the same moment. https://twitter.com/baekdal/status/1254460167812415489
eg here’s our park today with a normal (ie slightly wide) phone lens. Everyone’s a couple metres apart. If I’d used a telephoto or even a mildly long lens it would look like a social-distancing infraction.
Eg — This shows New Yorkers exercising impeccable disease-control public hygiene — avoiding enclosed spaces, keeping far more than required distance between groups, keeping groups small. Yet its field depth (and spin) gives people the opposite impression
https://twitter.com/anupkaphle/status/1256786398037921793?s=21 https://twitter.com/AnupKaphle/status/1256786398037921793
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